Tuesday, April 10, 2007


IF you are not in the mood to read a bitchy rant.. i suggest you move on for today.......

Today is the last day of my Easter break (a break i think i richly deservered!) i had plans.. nothing that would excite too many folks BUT i was gonna go out and purchase my all time favourite perfume ........ just smelling it makes the day bright (if you are interested i only wear 'angel' by Thierry Mugler) .....BUT before i could even digest breakfast i got hit by one of my killer headaches. i crashed on the sofa and have barely moved since........

and while i was lying on the sofa cursing this damn headache .. cursing the sun shining in my eyes.. cursing the world in general... i got to thinking about the monthly munches that are organised here in the Great White North ..... and the time and effort it takes.. the time and effort we go to try and bring out folks.. play parties.. different restaurants around the city...... and still on a really good month we get 15 - 20 people.. most of the time it is more like 8 - 10. AND despite the fact we ask for RSVP's so we can notify the restaurant ahead of time.. most of the time folks don't bother to RSVP.. or they DO and don't show........ what is wrong with people???!!! Trust me when i say...... if it was left up to me our munch would go the way of the dinosaur.

AND then i got thinking about this blog.. and how many people drop by each and every day....... this blog averages over 200 visits a day!?? and then i got bitchy over that.. i get that many visitors and only 3 or 4 comments on a good day??!! i don't believe i write that well that it leaves the reader speechless......

AND then i got thinking about my ISP and how bloody stupid they are....... i have been fighting with them for over a week now....... i want to download (actually i have downloaded) their security manager (an anti virus program) i tried to upgrade over a week ago to the PLUS so that i would also have spyware protection (as my current spyware was running out) and BINGO there was a problem.........ohhhh they put it on my bill alright.. BUT everytime i downloaded the software i got the same damn software i originally had.. without the spyware! i asked them (via the net) to send me the CD so i could upload it without problems and they agreed (that too was done via email) and today the CD arrived and it is for MSN Premium which i never ordered and don't want .. but guess what??!! i am also being billed for. i tried reaching their Customer Satisfaction department.. now this department is an interesting lesson in Customer relations.. first off they don't seem to follow office hours.. twice now i have called at 4:30 to hear a recording that the offices close at 5 but ooooops sorry we closed early today???!! Today they called me .. not to try and fix my problem.. but to tell me that unless someone in technical support or some other department refers me to them they won't talk to me....... huh??????? Customer Satisfaction does NOT want to talk to unsatisfied customers.... what is THAT about??

So after 5 days off.. 5 days might i add that i had such high hopes for.. it comes down to me lying on the sofa with a bitchy headache.. being bitchy....... this is only one of the many reasons it is smart that i basically live alone........ i will now crawl off and find a nice deep hole and pull the top in over me.......... the rant is over.


  1. Ahhhh, poor wittle dirl. It will get better.

  2. Anonymous5:20 pm

    AVG makes a free security software, as does AVAST. A google search will find either one, they're free to home users and every bit as good as Norton, McAfee or PCcillen.

  3. EEEEEEKKKK! Not McAfee! Never McAfee. I put that evil crap on our home system about a year and a half ago and it wormed its way into nooks and crannies that I couldn't pry it lose from to save my soul... We had to finally call Master's daughter and boyfriend WITH their network certificates and (almost) IT degrees to come and completely clean our systems before we could be rid of the evil demon McAfee....

    AVG... Now that one I've heard good things about.

    Sorry about the headache and all the rest of it.

    Be well.


  4. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Headaches suck! I know there are times when I pop in over here and don't leave a comment. The only excuse I have for that is life has been kicking my ass lately, and I am either way tired or just plain lazy. My apologies for that my dear. I do care...and actually have been going through much of the same things lately. I am coming to an explaination and hope to blog about it soon.

    Hugs to you!!!
    (and begging your forgivness.....)


  5. I'm new to your blog and I've enjoyed reading.

    Totally understand your bitchy rant - don't all of us girls go through that at some point? Like every thing is so annoying and no-one gives a shit about us!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.


  6. They say PMS does that sometimes too!

    What a bitch...........hehehehehe

  7. sounds like you've got every good reason to have a headache. I hope it goes away before too long and you can still get out and get that perfume!

  8. Tell your ISP to stick it!

    AVG and AVAST are both freeware and excellent.

    I'm sorry I haven't commented lately, no real reason why. I have been reading though!

    I hope your head feels better soon.

  9. Anonymous10:31 am

    ... And I did some thinking and realised that I am a serial lurker and that it is not fair to somone who puts their efforts into providing good intelligent, thought provoking (not to mention at times highly arousing) 'conversation' to merely absorb that effort without responding.

    So I apologise, and will attempt to provide good, meaningful feedback - though I will say I do often find I have little to offer and I think there is little value in a comment that merely recognises one's presence - but I might be wrong in that.



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