Saturday, April 21, 2007

spring rituals

i am washing windows today. i am pulling out dead plants from the garden. i am cleaning up the patio ready for my secret garden. i am wearing a full body rope harness.

When i reach up to catch the upper most corner of the window the ropes tug and pull on my clit, the stretch pulls the ropes tight through my pussy rubbing it, continues all the way around to my ass and up my spine.

As i step down from the chair ( i rarely if ever use ladders - i am terrified of heights) i feel the ropes slide up into me.. rubbing inside me..

When i went outside to work on the patio and the garden i had to pull on a pair of track pants (there were children playing out in the warm spring sunshine) and as i bent over to tug out dead plants the ropes slid into my ass rubbing it.. feeling for all the world like the worst wedgy imaginable.

i got hot in the sunshine sweeping the dead leaves and wee small stones from the brick patio....... the ropes rubbed against my sweaty body and chaffed...

it has been 3 hours that i have worn my Sir's ropes... and i am finished my outside chores..i don't want to remove the harness.. the tightness (though not my Sir's usual "can't breath or move tightness") holds me secure and touches a part of my soul that nothing else does....... it is my cage.. my cupboard under the stairs.. it is what sets my mind and holds it still...........

Just a new spring ritual - right of passage from winter to summer.. It is spring... new hope .. revival.. joy..........


  1. Skipping right over the harness and forging to - how in the hell is it lower to stand on a chair as opposed to the second rung of a ladder? It's not as though you have to climb all the rungs simply because they're there. What's that all about?

  2. I'm glad you've found your way to your joy in this springtime... Sometimes all it takes is something simple and we remember. This is very good.


  3. swan: yes it is as though last weekend's meltdown and damn good cry did truly cleanse my soul...... it doesn't help at all that the sun is shining and the warmth of it on my face is wonderful !!!

    yes this is VERY good indeed..

  4. Buffalo........ i can not explain the thing i have with ladders...... BUT i can not climb one comfortably - not even two rungs.. and a chair doesn't feel as much like climbing..

    what can i tell You???!! mind You i would expect someone who melts over a pair of strappy sandals with painted toes to understand lil idiosyncrasies.......

    (cheeky grin)

  5. Anonymous9:21 pm

    It is a delicious mental picture watching you performing those tasks in nothing but a rope harness. The juxtaposition of the an everyday activity and your description of the impact of the bondage adds such spice. Thank you.


  6. Was the rope hemp or normal rope?

  7. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I just love this!!!! And I do understand the feeling you have to be secure and in touch with Sir in such bounds... It is something I drem about!

  8. I too love the blending of "vanilla chores" and bondage.

    Makes it even more erotic!


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