Monday, April 02, 2007

alls well

It was THE best weekend !!! In the grand scheme of things it wasn't anything spectacular..but it just felt terrific !!

On Friday night Sir needled my ass and i was cringing and yelping and crying.. god it hurt!! He was sliding them in ever so slowly and it hurt like the dickens....... hurt sooooooo good!!

On Saturday morning Sir went off to the train store and left me home to get some much needed cleaning done.. relaxed .. no stress.. (god it is so easy to see the fur balls in daylight .. instead of by lamp light after work.. after dinner when i am pooped) Saturday afternoon Sir brought up two toys.. and had me over the foot stool for a session. It hurt too.. hurt sooooooo good! Sir stopped for a second or two to tell me that the needle holes were re-opening and i was bleeding again...... it was more an observation.. almost like discussing the fact that it is raining after a day of sunshine.....
Saturday night we met up with some friends from the States and had an "interesting" pizza supper....... gotta love hotels with menus for restaurants in different cities !!! (but that is another whole story !!)

And Sunday was laundry day .. and quiet day.. recharge the nearly dead battery day.......

nothing spectacular.. but it was warm and fuzzy and just plain nice.............

OH yeah..... and i actually managed to play an April fool's joke on Sir - something i am never very good at.......... BUT .. if you go to the Fictional Journey.. and scroll down past the recent story.. You will find an April Fool's announcement........ (which was put up bright and early on Sunday morning) and for those of you who don't understand french...... Poisson D'Avril is the french translation (rather literal) for April Fools..........


  1. I'm Soooo glad you had a good weekend. Now tell me the good stuff. What did he buy at the train store?

  2. Buffalo....... you are SOOOOOOOOOO bad... You know damn well You eat up the "good stuff" i write.. wicked grin.. make notes too i bet..

    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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