Thursday, September 14, 2017

Court Date -- Decision (edited)

The case has been delayed while mother goes to Youth Protection to get her file changed.  (she has a 'supervised visits only' with the lil one) She had a year to do this -- a year!!  BUT the judge has given her another 2 months to try and get her record cleared up.

So we're back to waiting......... 8 more weeks.

We are off to court this morning.  As much as I am praying today will be the end -- having read the statements and requests of the lil one's mother I am afraid there will be delays.  

IF we have a good judge -- an intelligent judge -- we may have a decision today -- but I am not hopeful.

We sure could use some good thoughts today...........


thewomaninacape said...

All my positive energy coming your way.

Subone said...

I will be praying about your court case. That the judge does what's right by the lil one. Good luck today!

Hermione said...

I am sending good thoughts your way today. I hope all goes well for you and Sir S. Please keep us updated.


Lucinda Preston said...

Prayers for you today. I hope this is resolved as children deserve stability.

ronnie said...

Hoping all goes well today. Thinking of you all.


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