Monday, February 27, 2017

Long Road Home

It was a very long drive home yesterday...... I had barely pulled out of Sir Steve's driveway when the tears burned my eyes I missed him already.

I tell myself these feelings that swamp me are just silly school girl crush feelings........ and yet I know in my heart of hearts it is so much more.  There is no logical explanation for the feelings we both have -- and yet we do.  

And as much as I tell myself to be cautious -- to do the rational thing -- I am not going to.  I have spent my whole life doing the rational thing......... I am happy now -- I am in love now ..... why would I want to slow down - why should I slow down!!!  

And so this weekend we talked about my moving to live with him.  For smart financial reasons that have nothing to do with fairy tale endings -- we will not live under the same roof -- but we will be neighbours.  We will be able to flit between houses .... to have two homes filled with love and laughter.  

(and as a small side note -- I will be 2 hours closer to both my daughters and the grandkids !)

Now begins the great adventure of finding a new home ! 

He wants me with him and that my dear friends is a very good thing!

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