Saturday, March 20, 2010

Almost two weeks

It has been almost two weeks (Monday will be two weeks) since that awful horrible dreadful heart rending uncollaring.

And i am still here...... still limping my way through each day... but making progress! It is funny how progress is measured ............ at least around here..... yesterday i went to the meeting at the Board with the powers who be........ AND i managed to put my case across well enough to win the debate!! (YAY me) i can still fight the good fight and win .........

Then i took my poor lil black focus to the car wash and told them to give it a good spring cleaning... the works !! And while they were stripping it down and washing and polishing and waxing i took myself to a new restaurant in the same mall ...... and had breakfast !! i have never EVER taken myself out to breakfast - alone.

Then i went to a big box store and picked up some bulk stuff i needed - i even managed to find sleepers for the newest edition for Easter - cute things one with blue stripes and a car .. the other with green stripes and a giraffe.

Then i was more than ready to make a mad dash home to the safety of my lil condo. But i did it!! i faced the big bad world head on and survived (grinning)

And to drakor ........ who has challenged me to find the creative side of me once again.. to pull out the camera and the crafts and start creating once again....... i spent a good part of the afternoon finding oriental pictures.....downloading them.. cropping and fixing them.. printing them.. and putting them in a collage frame that my old staff gave me when i left.

When W left he took with him all his pictures that had graced the walls here.... and one big hole was left in my reading room...... that's where this new oriental collage went......... (we won't talk about how many damn holes i actually put in the wall trying to get the silly frame to hang straight......... but hey !! the holes don't show and the picture is up)

SEE !!

And last night i even managed to stay in the living room till after 9 watching TV instead of locking up.. putting on the alarm .. and scurrying upstairs to the office and hiding myself away !!

Today i have a "hot" date with a really good looking guy.......... my 9 year old grandson. We are gonna go out shopping so he can spend his birthday money....... and then have lunch in a restaurant (which does not mean Wendy's or MacDonald's) that took some explaining................

So i am limping forward......... i still have a couple of really big things to deal with...... but i am not ready to "go there" yet... it has been enough that i am taking back the small areas of my life for now....... the big stuff comes next.

And honestly i couldn't do it without all my good "friends" on the net who have been dropping by and encouraging me... the shoe is off and the foot isn't hurting nearly as much :) i am even planning a big trip (well big for me!!) this summer if i don't become too much of a pain in the ass !!

Progress is measured in small steps forward.


Sir said...

It is good to see you are spending time with your grandson, something that you never really did while I was around.

As for the pictures I took, you packed them up, if you wanted any of them you could have asked, although I think the one you have now done is much better than my old pictures.

Like I always said, with baby steps you would/could do wonders.


swan said...

Congratulations on the successes of your day yesterday. The "win" with the board must be a great relief, and the things you did afterward all seem positive and affirming, and even enjoyable. Good for you!

Your friends will be here, cheering you along the way. Answer only to yourself for now, and follow the guidance of your own best impulses. Try not to fall into the negative energies that may swirl around from time to time.

I am up to my neck in alligators at the moment. The new floors are being installed next week! It is totally crazy around here, but I will get that email sent off soon. I promise!

Enjoy your date with that fine young fellow. :-D

Hugs, swan

Florida Dom said...

Yes, progress is measured in small steps and it's great that you're taking them.

It's so much better that you getting out and doing things rather than spending your time in bed curled up and sleeping.

Yes, the pain still has to be difficult to deal with but I think you're on the right track. And keep blogging because your online friends will give you a lot of support.

Good luck and many cyber hugs.


Pierre abd Catharine said...


Just a little word to tell you that we are sending you our love.

Be well....


Pierre and Catharine

Hisflower said...

~~~blowing you happy kisses and sending lotsa hugs!~~~

BlazngScarlet said...

We all start off taking small steps .... they are the foundation.

The collage is fabulous!
You found some stunning photos.

Big trip eh?
Hmmm .... I wonder????
(yes, I am nosey and inquisitive!)

Katie said...

Morningstar, I think you are doing beautifully! Making plans, planning the Dr. Seuss celebration, replacing the wall decorations...all are signs that you are able to move forward. Good for you! Your blog "family" all support you, so rely on them. We're here for you! Hugs, Katie :)

Impish1 said...

Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job in moving forward with plans and motivation. Not and easy task, nor a constant one, I'm sure, but something you can be proud of with each step you take into your new future.

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