Tuesday, March 30, 2010

thinking some

i have changed the name of the blog ........... again.

i am slowly realizing this is NOT a "lonely journey" - far from it. i never ever imagined when i started writing about my transition from collared to uncollared that i would have so many people reading / supporting/ offering advise and shoulders to lean on. So NO .. this is most definitely not a "lonely" journey !!!

So now it is The Journey - part 2... guess i wasn't very imaginative..so it may change again..........

For those of you who don't always go back and read comments, i encourage you to do it here........ the comments make for good reading...... the advise offered is amazing !!! the insights of other folks mind boggling..... and go to swan's blog, she has done a whole entry based on yesterday's post "a submissive is??" and well worth the read !!

You have all given me so much to think about........ my brain hurts from thinking. But i thank you....... i needed to have different approaches to the same subject.. i need to unwind the tangle of thoughts and put it all in perspective.

i will do that.


  1. Anonymous9:12 am

    De-lurking just to let you know that I'm reading and cheering you on in the next part of your journey.....


  2. Very glad to see you don't feel alone now on that journey.
    I've discovered your blog only recently and I love it!

  3. It's always good to see things from others perspective.
    Sometimes we're just too close and can't 'see'.

    I thank you for continuing to allow us into your life and into your thoughts as you continue on your Journey.

  4. Good to hear you're putting it all in perspective and that all the comments have helped you.

    I think this tends to be a very supportive community.


  5. How about "The Journey Continues"?


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