Thursday, March 25, 2010


i am so sleepy.......... it is ridiculous...........

not sleepy like a week or so ago..... when i was hiding in sleeping... this is more like drugged sleepy...... can't keep my eyes open sleepy.

Mind you i am having stupid crazy dreams that wake me up only a couple of hours after i have fallen asleep....... crazy dreams that i can't really wake up from......... ever have those??

The ones that are so real that when you wake up.. you are still caught in the tendrils of the dream and can't seem to break free???

i half wish mine were "wet" dreams ...... or happy ever after dreams......... but they aren't. They are awful terrible boogy man under the bed scary dreams. i wake up and turn on all the lights.. i come on the net and look for mind numbing stupid games that will bore me to sleep.........

Then the alarm goes off only a few hours after i have finally fallen into a numb sleep...... and i drag myself off to work..... and am dragging myself through the day.. watching the clock (even when i am home) for the witching hour to hit so i can fall into my bed.............. and i pray find some solace in sleep.

My bed used to be my safe haven...... it is turning out to be a bed of thorns.......

i am just so sleepy ...........


  1. I have been reading all of your posts lately but have not been commenting much because I did not want to fall into the trap of giving out dodgy advice about your breakup, a situation that I naturally do not know all the details of.

    But you just wondered into a territory where I think that I could write a very competent book, sleep patterns and sleep deprivation and write it from personal experience.

    The sleep pattern that you describe can become very damaging if it continues for a long time, not just mentally but physically too (this kind of thing left me with stomach problems that I am told will last for the rest of my life).

    There is a nice simple answer (that I wish I had found earlier in life) and that is lectucarium. You do not have to go to a doctor for this or a dodgy website, you will find it in your supermarket in the form of lettuce.

    There are three ways that I know of getting enough lectucarium from lettuce.

    1/ Eating it but the human body is a bit inefficient at separating out the lectucarium And you may have to eat a lot to get enough of the essential ingredient into your system

    2/ Cut up and bruise four fair sized leaves and boil them in about 250 ml of water for 5 or 6 minutes strain of the leaves and drink, I add a tea bag to make it more palatable.

    4/Crush about half a teaspoon of lettuce seeds and boil them until about a third of the water is gone. Strain and drink.

    I prefer method #2.

    lectucarium is great because it does not help you get to sleep but helps you to stay asleep, in a good relaxing kind of sleep.

    I have also found that it has no noticeable side effects and is not addictive (unlike many of the knock out drops that the doctors put me on).

    Sleep well, Prefectdt

  2. When I was a kid, maybe seven or eight years old, I had horrendous nightmares. I taught myself to wake up if even a hint of one flickered over the screen of my sleep. Still do it. Never could figure out how to do away with all the frustrating dreams.

  3. Let's hope you start having better dreams sooner rather than later.


  4. I have strange dreams that are extremly vivd every single night- always have my entire life. It is quite tireding- must be even worse for those not used to doing such all the time. I hope you sleep better. :)


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