Monday, March 29, 2010

Satisfying Sunday

Yesterday morning bright and early - almost before the shops were open - i was in my car heading out. My old vacuum - which was NOT that old - but that had already been to the shop once for a broken belt - had a broken belt AGAIN! My choices were - replace the belt yet again - or go buy myself the cadillac of vacuums.

i bought myself the cadillac of vacuums............. a bright canary yellow Dyson!

no more bags.. no more loss of suction... and light?? my god !!! compared to the new old vacuum this thing was feather light!!

While i was looking at vacuums...... i saw the store had a sale on carpet/upholstery cleaners........ so i bought myself one of those too !!! A little mean green cleaning machine !!!

It took me forever to put the damn machines together......... i came close to despairing (especially on the mean green cleaning machine - as the stupid thing didn't really have any assembly instructions!!) But being the stubborn tough old bird i am - i stuck to it and finally TA! DA! i got them together and working (the working bit is important!!)

i didn't even stop for a celebratory cup of coffee.... i got right down to the business of vacuuming downstairs .. main level.. up the stairs.. and the top level. i had read reviews how well the dyson picked up dirt etc left by other vacuums.. but honestly thought it was a sales pitch. Well i am here to say........... it did !!! i could not believe how much dust and dirt it picked up from my relatively clean house !!! i had to empty the canister when i had finished the house !! My carpets looked brand new............ well almost brand new.

Now i wanted to shampoo the upholstery in the living room and the rugs in the basement and the rugs on the stairs. i will admit to a little trepidation - what if i made a soapy mess?? what if the damn thing didn't work ??? what if.............??? i stopped the self doubts and got cracking.. starting with the upholstery in the living room. i have a cream coloured sofa .. well it was cream coloured when i bought it. It was now more a greyish colour and over these last 3 weeks i have been thinking i would have to bring in an upholstery cleaner to get things bright again.

i am here to say that lil mean green cleaning machine got my sofa cream coloured again. And as i buried my face in the pillows i realized W's scent was gone. i hadn't realized how his scent was lingering in the house, until it was no longer here.

Anyway......... i continued on.. cleaning the rugs on the stairways, and in the basement........... and all the while i was humming a silly song (most of you probably won't even know) "i'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair" (which if anyone is interested - comes from the musical "South Pacific" - which ok ok is probably way before your time!!!)

While i was cleaning...... somewhere between the cushions for the sofa and rug in the kid's playroom i found something i thought i had lost forever...........

i found my cheekiness!!

yup.. there it was tucked away safely till i was ready to use it again........ it almost surprised me !! And i have a feeling i may have surprised a few bloggers as i left some rather cheeky comments on blogs...........

It's amazing what you can find when you aren't even looking for it..........


  1. I know that song! And I'm not even 30. I'm just THAT cool. :)


  2. Oh, we couldn't survive without our Little Green Machine, in a house full of periodically incontinent critters. But it's a much older model than yours. I think it's time for a new one.

    Thank you for the inspiration. And hang in there.

    Hugs and best wishes,

  3. is that Irene Dunne?



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