Monday, March 15, 2010

feeling humble

Truthfully words fail me.

i was going to answer the comments in the comments box.......... but 15 !!?? messages (plus the emails i have received) just swamped my emotions..........

i would love to say that all your virtual hugs and good wishes have healed the hurt inside - but i can't. i can say i don't feel nearly as lonely now..... yes i can say that !!

Thank you all......... from the bottom of my heart...... your support will help work magic and guide me through this bramble filled dark path.......


  1. I know you are sad. I wish there were a way to banish that, but know that however you are feeling, you are valued and treasured as a friend. Time is your best ally now, and that is the gift you have shared with so many of us... Gifts we give have a way of coming back to us, so do not be surprised at the time that we all have for you just now.

    Hugs, swan

  2. I'm glad you don't feel as lonely. Just remember, you not alone. Hugs, Katie

  3. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I know it's been said over and over, but that is all I can think of to say. Words fail me on your behalf.

    I know I'm just a visitor on your blog and that we don't know each other, but if you ever want someone to vent at and talk with in e-mails, feel free to write to me.


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