Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Morning Report

Well i am here to say things have returned to normal (whatever "normal" is) around here....... after a long vanilla break for the holidays and house renovations. (So long i thought we might never find our way back - even though i did leave bread crumbs!!)

Friday we met up with Cloud for our usual Friday afternoon coffee klutch and had a good time catching up on His news.........

Then after dinner.. Sir told me to go and get the labia lifter i had given Him for Christmas. Now if you read here at all.. you know my doubts about this gift. It was something i really really wanted ............. but questioned and doubted myself after i bought it. If you want to read the "product review" on the labia lifter ....... go

Sir attached the device to my pussy and i floated into the pain ............ god it is an amazing device !! The tighter the clamps are... the higher they are lifted.. the more the Plexiglas cylinder pushes into my pussy.

Afterwards i was reviewing the session for Sir.. holding the device in my hand - looking at it in amazement - when i discovered the height of the clamps. Being me.. i had to question Sir if that was as tight as He had pulled it.......... and He answered in the affirmative. i was distressed because i had made a bit of a nonsense at how much it hurt... and yet....... yet i wanted to know my limits.. and we sure hadn't come close on Friday night.

Saturday Sir told me to go and fetch the labia lifter again. This time i knew He wasn't going to spare me. The device was attached and He started to turn the screw........... and then He tightened the rope that holds the clamps. Then Sir started to flick my clit jewelry and tap on the cylinder.. and basically drive me wild.

After a few minutes of that torture (yeah right torture my foot !!) Sir disappeared upstairs and returned with my hitachi. i had wondered out loud - after the first usage - what it would feel like to have the hitachi vibrating against the cylinder.

He turned on the hitachi and held it against various parts of the device.... watching i am sure for my reactions.......... i am here to report it was AMAZING !! better than i ever imagined.

Once Sir had my body vibrating with the hitachi, He tightened the screw even more.. pulling my pussy lips still further upwards away from my body. i honestly thought i would cry "uncle" .. but once He applied the hitachi again i soon forgot the pain and stretching. That bit amazes me even now....... the sexual teasing that came from the combination of pain and pleasure. In that moment i realized i am really ......... REALLY ... into pussy torture.... god it turned me on.

Sir started to chuckle at one point.. my body was moving up and down.. trying to fuck the cylinder that was resting against my pussy.....and Sir said....... "ooooooops.. you're in trouble now littleone - the batteries are running out!!" God i hate when that happens !!! Sure enough Sir had the poor lil hitachi going full steam ahead and it was barely tickling my fancy. i might have pouted !!

Once the batteries died for good, Sir removed the device.. snapped some pictures - and then picked up a crop i think ( i sure as hell don't know.. i wasn't looking!!) and proceeded to crop my pussy ...... and clit. i was in heaven....... so close to cumming yet not able to.

i spent the next many hours suffering with a twitching pussy and clit - and a need that didn't die.. but burned ever so much hotter as the clock ticked by.............

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure................

You can see in the above picture just how far my pussy lips were stretched........ (i am wondering if they could go farther next time)

And in this one......... you can see the amazing marks left by the clamps !!

i will continue the Monday Report tomorrow.. cause Sir wasn't finished with me yet !!!


Dante d'Amore said...


I need to show this to my wife. :)

Buffalo said...

I'm blushing.

anna said...

Please tell me you stocked up on batteries.

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