Thursday, July 17, 2008

on fixing hurts

Remember my screwed up knee from way back in April?? i had just about given up all hope of ever getting full use of it again - especially after the last visit to the Doctor when she felt the bump (torn tendon) had not improved at all and talked about "permanent disabilities" and "physio therapy and occupational therapy"

Sometime in the last 3 weeks .. i stood up .. or moved .. i honestly don't remember what i was doing.. when the knee cracked - much like cracking your finger joints.. it kinda hurt .. or maybe it just felt funny...... i didn't give it much thought........

Then just before the wedding i noticed that the bump on the knee seemed smaller and hoped it wasn't just my imagination......... The day of the wedding i actually wore my "wedding strappy sandals" and my knee didn't give out once !!!

Then on Tuesday i decided it was wayyyyyyyy past time to clean out the fridge (there was this interesting odor emanating from it every time i opened the door) and suddenly realized i was down on my hands and knees washing the bottom shelf.. crawling around like the accident and bump never happened... (i almost danced a jig)

Well yesterday i went to see the doctor........... and yup.. you guessed it.. the knee is totally and completely fixed !!!! 99.9% normal........ (hey .. i am an old lady i wasn't even dreaming of 100%) No bump.. no permanent disability......... nothing !!! The doc sat there looking at me and told me i really amazed her.. my energy levels .. my ability to heal ... guess i am that tough old bird i keep telling Sir i am !!!

And so now the knee is fixed.. i still have 4 long summer weeks stretching ahead of me.... and a Sir who has been sadly neglected for so long i am ashamed to admit it....... i have plans.. oooooops am i supposed to make plans??!! (to hell with it i did and i am ) for a weekend of graceful submissiveness.. with me kneeling and crawling and getting naked.. yup yup yup.. and then Sir can do what He wishes with this naked crawling 99.9% fixed subbie..........


i know it's early....... but i was struck with inspiration in the hot summer sun today.. and have written another story for The Fictional Journey..... enjoy !!!


Buffalo said...

I am surprised, but delighted to learn, there is something about you that is near normal.

Anonymous said...

the body continues to amaze its owner!!! Congrats on the healing and enjoy that weekend of graceful submission. Sir's pet

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