Monday, December 13, 2021

First Christmas Celebration



We had our first Christmas celebration on the weekend with Sir Steve's daughter and family.  The family comes with a 2 year old.... a rather spoiled 2 year old....which means there was a lot of screaming (ear piercing screaming) and a lot of "NO's".  

The only saving grace was the lil one.  Her mother let her come to the celebration.  The littlest one loves our little one.... and will do just about anything our lil one asks. They eventually went off and played in our lil one's bedroom (at least the screaming wasn't as loud!!)  We feasted ... and opened gifts... and visited.  It was really quite nice everything considered.  Sir Steve's daughter gave me........................

Are you ready for this??


A gnome!!!!  

and of course I loved it!  What's not to love - it's a gnome!! They left late afternoon and Sir Steve took the lil one home to her mother.

BUT then.........
a storm arrived .......... a wind and rain storm.  I don't like wind storms.  I don't really know why......... but I get extremely anxious during wind storms.  AND this was one helluva wind storm!!  Winds gusting up to (apparently) 100kms an hour!!
It sounded like the world was coming to a crashing end.  Our dog - who sleeps through thunder and lightening and fireworks and all loud noises - was SO stressed with the wind.  She kept barking and whining.  Our power went out - came back and then went out again. 

GAH!  talk about stress and anxiety!!

We made it through to Sunday though!  in one piece!
Sunday saw Sir Steve out and about running Christmas messages and I sat and wrapped gifts for our next Christmas celebration which is this coming Saturday at youngest daughter's house.

I keep telling myself I LOVE this time of the year  -- the busyness of it .... the baking... the gifts.... the company.  Know what I miss??? spankings and sex....... something has to fall by the wayside right? There's just not enough time for everything................ BUT ......... I do miss the spankings and sex.



  1. Some celebrations are time sensitive, others can still be just as much fun even if they are delayed a little. Love the gnome!

    1. (grinning) took me a bit to understand your comment PK - then BAM! the penny dropped

      You're so right - it'll all be that much more fun once the holidays are over.

  2. that gnome is adorable. and i'm not even a fan to begin with. That one tho, cute as anything!

    1. Truthfully I have no idea why I love them so much - kind of like 'they're so ugly they're cute'

      my house is slowly filling up with gnomes

  3. Hi Morningstar, sounds like a lovely celebration, apart from the screaming, ugh. Love the gnome, very cute.

    Sorry to hear about the storm. Our part of the country is notorious for wind, we're used to winds of that strength. It can be scary sometimes though.


    1. I couldn't live there Roz - I get SO stressed with wind storms... though this one was probably the worst in recent history.

  4. January is usually a very dull month, with little to do. Perhaps some S and S would be a welcome relief from the boredom then :)

    Extreme weather is getting more and more concerning. Things that used to happen every 10 years seem to happen all the time now


    1. yeah - January would probably be the best month for some fun and games..... we sure don't have much "me time" before then...........

      This weather - is it global warming?? I don't much like it........


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