Tuesday, December 07, 2021




I have a very bad habit? or trait? - whatever - I just know it's a bad one.

I do all my Christmas shopping in September and October....... so when November comes I am done.  It is a compulsive trait of mine (one of many).  Actually that in itself is not so bad.............. BUT ....... if I think my loved ones have left my Christmas gift shopping to the very last minute I am hurt.  It makes me feel like I am an after thought.  I put so much thought into my gift giving....... and part of me hopes/wishes others will put the same thought into my gift.  

Let's get one thing straight here - it's NOT the gift!  I don't expect expensive gifts or BIG gifts...... I just want a gift that shows the giver has thought about me.  Is that wrong??? 

Anyway........... I have been stewing cause I don't think Sir Steve has done any shopping for me.... I know he has done the lil one and the granddaughter... I've seen their parcels come into the house.  BUT as for unmarked/undesignated gifts? None - not a thing.  and yes I know there's still time before Christmas - 2 1/2 weeks ..........BUT - it's only 2 1/2 weeks!!!  and yes I know I'm bad......

Yesterday was week #2 of Advent for the lil one...... she lit her advent candle before dinner and opened her week 2 present (it was a "what if" book) She was asking us the "what if" questions when Sir Steve stopped her and said "I have something for S" and he handed me an envelope.  My jaw dropped.  I opened it to find a tree ornament...... OMG!!!  we think so much alike!!  I shouted 'WAIT' and ran from the table - hunted through my stash of hidden gifts and came back to the table with a small box for Sir Steve.  

You see I had bought him a tree ornament too!!!  

Here's his ornament to me........... 

And mine to him (the picture is blurry - it says "All I want for Christmas is you")

I'm a lucky woman - see it's the small things that make a BIG difference.


  1. I love your ornament to one another! You are lucky. I love Nick and I know he loves me, but the idea of him putting thought into a gift is nearly unthinkable. My daughter pays close attention and he does take her advice. But that's not quite the same.

    1. that's basically it PK - I just want thought put into what gift I get........ I'm lucky with Sir Steve so far he's batting 100...... though I do still stress when he leaves it to the last minute

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    Aww, I love the ornaments, soo sweet. See? Sir Steve does know you well. Maybe he's better at hiding gifts than you thought, or keeping them elsewhere:)


    1. I know I'm being silly Roz...... gotta try and shake it...

  3. In life, it is very often the small things that make a big difference :)


    1. nodding sometimes the small things are really the big things.


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