Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Busy Busy



Every December I try to write a post every day - in memory of the years I entered the "Holidailies" contest.   I've been doing well so far this month..... haven't forgotten/skipped a day.  

Until today!!

I had so much on my mind I almost forget to post. We're still house hunting and saw a cute lil house for rent last night.  



They have multiple interested parties and we won't know if we get it until tomorrow.  BUT I'm not entirely sure I am ready to move or want to move.  

The house is quite adorable in a nice part of town.  It has a big back yard with a deck. (great for the dog and the lil one to play in - and on the nice days I can sit out on the deck)  It has 2 bedrooms and a den.  It has an eat in kitchen which is quite big and there's a mud room (I've always wanted a mud room).  One bedroom is on the main floor (that would be the lil one's room) The Master bedroom is upstairs and is kinda like a loft - it's big and has 2 cupboards - one for Sir Steve and one for me - mine (at least the one I am claiming) is like a dressing room - with a mirror and loads of space - we think it might have been an ensuite in another life)
There's a big shed out the back with power !
There's a work bench AND a sink downstairs.  Both those features please Sir Steve who can actually have space to work. 

Those are the pluses 

These are the negatives

The rent is substantially higher than we pay here (mind you ALL rents are more than double what we are paying here) but not as high as 3 bedroom apartments .. and this is a house.
The lil one's room has no cupboard
The basement has 2 sump pumps and they acknowledge it is a damp basement (mind you when I called the Property Standards board they said almost all basements here are what they call damp)
The bathroom is small.......... I mean S M A L L !!  You could sit on the toilet and wash your feet in the bathtub while brushing your teeth in the sink. 
IF we decide to move we would give up the idea of buying our own place - and funny enough I'm ok with that.  At this point in my life (at least in my life) I am quite happy letting someone else worry about the major problems - like furnace problems or damp basements - taxes and all the worries / problems that come with owning.

Besides thinking about the house......... I have been finishing up laundry while I wrap all the Christmas presents.  

Talking about wrapping Christmas presents - thought I would share this "how NOT to wrap" .............. 





  1. Hi Morningstar, fingers crossed! There is always lots to weigh up when looking at houses, this one sounds wonderful, but a few cons to consider. House hunting is such a stressful thing! I have friends moving this weekend. Talk about timing!


    1. oh my lord - a week before Christmas Roz??!! I did that once and vowed never again!

  2. With houses, there is so much to weigh up. When you looked around it, how did it feel?


    1. the whole place felt like home Prefectdt - as I walked around I was already placing our furniture in it..... le sigh.


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