Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A bit of this 'n that...



I have been trying to follow all the rules and protocols put forth by our government/science.  I wear my mask.  I wash my hands.  I sanitize my hands when out in the shops.  I stay away from crowds.  I got dose one of the vaccine and dose two.  Now they are telling me I need a booster shot.  So I went to book my booster shot.  Yeah right..... if you thought getting dose 1 or dose 2 was hard - try getting your booster.  The earliest appointment I got was March 1st at noon.  I'm so tired of all this ya know?! 

On another note - we had an excellent celebration with youngest daughter on Saturday (despite having to drive home in a snow storm).  Youngest daughter made me a new gnome to add to my "gnome family" He's the smallest one on the right. 

Last night we signed the lease on our new lil home.  The lil one got to come with us and see her new bigger better bedroom.  She's still not completely on board with this move cause she has to leave her friends.  I have tried to be upbeat and enthusiastic.  I have tried being understanding.  I'm done now.  She is gonna have to 'suck it up' and get over it.  I'm tired.

On a fun note............ 

Spankedhortic made a smart assed comment on yesterday's Canada post.... asking me about bears and maple syrup.  SO - this bit is for my friend Prefectdt......... 




 Maple Syrup:


 and of course Beavers - it wouldn't be Canadian if it didn't have BEAVERS:

 And there you have it - another day in the life of me..... a little bit of serious... a little bit of stress... a whole lot of tired... with a pinch of humour to keep me sane.



    Those are funny!

    I am with you on the tired. I didn't even try for an actual appointment for booster, just added myself to the waitlist at a pharmacy. As for protocols for COVID, well, consistency would help, but that is nonexistent.

    I'm tired too. I closed my fort door and will be eating cookies for breakfast. Want some?


    1. cookies?? I'll pass - Sir Steve told me to "eat bonsbons and watch movies" I am eating chocolate and watching British shows.

  2. I love all the memes I've seen about Canada. It really does seem like such a kind, beautiful country. And I'll be sure to let you and Boo know if we're heading that way.

    But here I'm big pissed about Covid and vaccines. We've had ours including the boosters. But even with the drug stores are full of vaccine and you can get an appointment for one the day you call, we only have 61% fully vaccinated. I'm to the point where aggressive stupidity completely baffles me.

    1. what I don't understand around here Pk is... there is a HUGE population of anti-vaxxers so how come we can't get appointments?? is lack of vaccine? we're told there is lots!! it really does boggle the mind!

  3. Love the memes Morningstar lol. Glad you had a lovely celebration with your daughter, the gnomes are so cute.

    They have just shortened the time between the 2nd and 3rd shots here. I think we're all over it!


    1. I love the gnomes too Roz - not new around here...we've had them for about 4 years now I guess ...each year I add a new one - or as is the case this year - get them as gifts and the number grows wildly! :)

  4. Thank you for the second lesson on Canadian culture :)

    I get my booster on the 29th, and the authorities are already planning the roll-out of a fourth shot. I don't know when, though.


  5. It's a lot for a little child to take in - scary - facing a new home, a new school, new people - give her time and lots of support - of course she is going to be negative! Kids find massive change like this frightening! As a child who moved frequently, it is NOT an easy transition. Give her time, space and a safe place to air her fears.

  6. That picture of the syrup on snow brings back good memories. Every spring my grandfather's work would hold a sugaring-off and we would go and eat taffy poured onto snow in long wooden troughs.

    We got our boosters yesterday. I booked an appointment for six months after our second shots the day our age group became eligible, and it was no trouble at all. There is a shortage of vaccine, though, but because of our ages we got a full dose - whew! Moderna this time, instead of Pfizer, but no matter.


    1. did you have an adverse reaction to the Moderna Hermione?? I have heard of so many people reacting to Moderna it worries me a little.....

    2. No, nothing at all other than some site soreness the next day. We were glad to get whatever they had to offer:)


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