Thursday, December 02, 2021

Lessons I have learned...



Love our Lifestyle day (LOL) taught me some interesting lessons... 

On a blog or two over LOL day - I read with interest expectations of some bloggers....

- if you link a blog you expect to be linked back.

- if you comment you expect a response (even if you comment more than once on the same entry)

- if you comment on a blog you expect them to comment on your blog

(and apparently get butt hurt if these 'rules' aren't adhered to).


I have heard these 'rules' before........ had my wrist slapped more than once for not adhering to them...... but you see I tend to see things a little differently.  IF I comment on your blog it comes from my heart - it's not an obligation.  IF I answer a comment on my blog it's because I have something of relevance to say not an obligation.

I dunno know......... maybe I'm a bit weird - I prefer comments that are spontaneous not written because anyone feels obligated...... I prefer answers to my comments to be spontaneous and not because anyone feels obligated. 

But that's just me.


  1. I often wonder about this. Why MUST i? Doesn't it mean more if i WANT to?

    That has always been my thoughts. I have been told I am dead wrong. I've started not caring what the rules is more about doing the right thing. Even if you get in trouble for it.

    Just call me trouble.

    1. oh Boo - I've always been a shit disturber.. and most of the time kind of march to my own drummer... and there's a part of me that feels after 16 years of blogging and 'being rude' I still have people coming here to read - some days I really wonder why..... shrug.

  2. Personally I don't feel the linking the blog thing if they link yours is a must. Perhaps you don't have anything in common with their writing .

    I do/did answer all comments because I see it as rude to not answer when spoken to. If someone takes the time I want(ed) them to know I took the time to read it and to thank them.

    1. I understand what you're saying - yes it can be rude to not answer someone - but if I don't have anything to add to the comment what am I supposed to say? What if the person totally missed the point? am I supposed to correct them?

  3. Hi Morningstar,

    For me personally when I did post on my blog I took the same view as Willie in relation to both linking to blogs and comments. It wasn't out of a feeling of obligation, I genuinely wanted to reach out to those who commented and also thank them.

    I feel the same about commenting on blogs also, if someone takes the time to write, I want to let them know I have read.

    Having said that, I do understand where you are coming from, it shouldn't be an obligation.


    1. Roz (smiling) I can totally see you answering comments - after all I see you visiting here every day.......

      I just don't want to be 'bullied' into doing what someone else dictates as 'right'.... shrug.. maybe I've turned into that old contankerous woman who has lost her filters

  4. You know I like answering comments and it's always fun when others answer comments that I've left, but I don't think much about it any more. If I leave a few comments somewhere and they never answer any I probably won't go back. But it not like I'm mad or hurt. Everyone has a limited amount of time to be on blogs so I usually go to where there is some back and forth.

    As for linking others - I can't at the moment. I'll blog about it soon and maybe someone can help me.

    1. nodding I agree with your comment about time - and having limited amounts of it......

  5. Guidelines or recommendations, yes, but rules? I don't remember negotiating or agreeing to them!

    Linking blogs gets me. I don't like to link blogs that I don't regularly visit and I simply do not have the time to visit and read many blogs that have regular, lengthy, written posts


    1. I like that Prefectdt - negotiating... yeah when I started this blog no one negotiated anything with me... just me myself and I - and I agreed to always write from the heart...


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