Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Comedy Central

Nothing much new and exciting around the ole campsite this past week..... except for two moments of slapstick comedy......... 

Sir Steve gets up VERY early to go to work....like 5am early. We usually sit outside watching the sun rise while we drink our coffee. One morning last week I was following him out the door of the trailer..... he was carrying his breakfast and his beloved cup of coffee.  He opened the big glass sliding door and stepped forward running smack into the screen door...... beloved coffee hitting the screen first and spilling outwards to the deck ... inwards onto the carpet .... and all over the screen.

Sir Steve was shocked and indignant and demanded to know WHO had shut the screen door.  I am standing behind him trying ohhhhhhhhh so hard not to laugh... then realized the question was pointed at ME?!!  innocent angelic ME??!!  

I smiled sweetly and reminded him that he brought the dog in before bed the night before... not me.......... maybe the dog shut the screen door?!  (sweet angelic smile)

Morning coffee was a rather quiet affair.......... and I suppressed my giggles until he left............ (seemed the smartest move considering........)


Then on Friday when Sir Steve got home from work we were sitting on the deck enjoying our Friday treat of iced cappuccinos from Tim Hortons..... he's rubbing the dog's belly (the blissful Norman Rockwell type painting of the Start of the Weekend) when he suddenly stiffens and asks 'what's this?' 

He's parting  the dog's fur and I'm looking over his shoulder to see a tiny lump on her chest.  I asked the dreaded question "is it a tick?"  He gets closer and nods ..... we need to do something like NOW!!  but we don't have a tick remover --- don't even have tweezers here.    Sir Steve goes to visit friends down the road and see if they have a tick remover........ nope they didn't 

So we decide he will go to town in the morning to the pet store and buy a tick remover.  

Fast forward an hour or so and we're sitting by our fire... the dog lying on her bed beside us....... and his ex-mother in law (grandmother of the lil one) comes roaring onto our site with essential oils, witch hazel and  tweezers in hand.  We all gather round the dog -- I am holding the flashlight -- MIL is down on her knees mixing her potions and pouring them on the lump.  Then she grabs the tweezers and starts to try and find the tick to pull it out. She says 'my god that thing has buried itself deep under her skin'.  She perseveres.  The dog is being patient -- but yelped at one point.  The MIL looks up at us and says 'you're sure this is a tick and not a nipple?' We point out how big her nipples are..... and say 'yes it has to be a tick'.  She resumes trying to dislodge this tick from the dog's body.

After a little bit - she stops and apologizes that she cannot get it out.  We decide to take the dog to a vet on Saturday morning.

Bright and early Saturday morning Sir Steve is on the phone with a vet that comes with high recommendations.  He loads the dog into the car and off they go.  My heart is pounding...... I am so worried the dog will have lyme disease... I am wondering why the tick medicine didn't work....... I am worrying cause I do worry really well!!!

An hour or so passes and my phone rings..... Sir Steve calling to tell me the dog does NOT have a tick -- but she does have an irritated nipple!!  Turns out (what do we know!) that the top nipples on both sides are usually smaller then the others.  

The dog has forgiven us!

Life is good when you have comedic moments that leave you giggling for days....


  1. Oh my Morningstar, you have been having fun. Good on you managing to supress the giggles, I trust Sir Steve still got his coffee lol. Oh poor dog being poked and prodded lol. Glad it wasn't a tick.


  2. Our vet told us a similar story. She left her dog for a week in the care of her inlaws (retired surgeon and nurse). Upon her return her father-in-law told her he had found a lump on dog's head. He and his wife had performed a surgical procedure to remove said lump. When he showed her the lump, which he had saved in a jar of alcohol, she announced, "That's a tick!"



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