Thursday, September 06, 2018

Two Days

We have known since the beginning of the summer that Sir Steve needed to have some medical tests done in September.  But ya know ...... in June September seemed so far away........ and then suddenly it's here!!

Today is his 'hurry up and wait' day -- he has to fast and take meds in preparation for tomorrow's test.  We don't even know when the test will be ..... he has to call after 4 this afternoon to find out.  I have my fingers crossed that it's early morning (well as early as they start them) so that he can be sprung from hospital and maybe ... just maybe... be able to head up to the trailer by mid afternoon.  He is adamant he's gonna sleep in the trailer tomorrow night...... me not so much.  The city is comforting with the hospital 5 minutes from our door IF something should go wrong ya know?  But he's stubborn.

Soooooooooo we're sitting here watching the clock tick tock .... I have run to the shops and picked up juice for him (he's allowed some juice today) and threw a pan of brownies into the oven for the weekend.... and thought about what clothes/food we need to take up to the campgrounds whenever we actually go........ but for the most part I'm doing the "hurry up and wait" thing too.

Some positive thoughts and healing vibes would be wonderful if you have some to spare...........


  1. Thinking of you both. Hope all goes well.


  2. Waiting for tests and results is hard. Thinking of you both and sending positive thoughts that the procedure goes well and for positive results.


  3. Sending thoughts and hugs over! Waiting can be absolutely horrible and i get anxious before medical things too. Hope it all goes/went well!


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