Friday, September 14, 2018

Packing Weekend

I am not exactly a 'seasoned' camper -- BUT I do know to avoid the stress and rush it's good to start packing up the trailer slowly over a couple of weekends.

Next weekend - the last one of the season -  because of scheduling - we'll only be there till lunch time on Saturday -- just time to pack up the last few things -- mostly the outdoor furniture.

So this morning I dragged up all the plastic bins and am making lists in my head of what goes in what bin....... All my fairy lights in the trees have to come down and all the battery tea lights turned off and brought home.  The pantry has to be emptied -- and the fridges (yes we have two -- one outside for drinks and overflow).  The cupboards need to be sorted and I am thinking they could be packed up - well mostly.

I'm ready for this -- time to close up.  I have enjoyed being back in the city this week.  I actually got the house well cleaned (Fall cleaning if anyone does that anymore) And am enjoying being back on a schedule.

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  1. Good luck with the packing! Glad you are enjoying being back in the city. Good for you on the fall cleaning. Love that! Hmm, guess I better start thinking about spring cleaning.



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