Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mud Puddles

I love walking in wet gooey mud in my bare feet..... BUT not in my basement.........

Yesterday at 7:30 am the plumbers arrived with their jackhammers and buckets and pipes..... by 9:30 I had a raging headache so I decided to head out shopping.  I hate shopping!!  but hate the noise of jackhammers even more.

There was one broken pipe in the furnace room.  I was under the impression that was the pipe that would be replaced.  
The landlord did show up to supervise which took a load off my shoulders....... 

When I got back from shopping around lunch time I ventured down the stairs to see how the job was coming (the landlord had disappeared).  I got half way down the stairs -- not even -- when I came face to face with the entire basement floor gone -- and in it's place was mud... and ALL new pipes laid..... the plumbers were shoveling up the mud into buckets.... 


All I could think of was Robert Munsch's book -- Mud Puddle.  I couldn't imagine living in this mess for days and days.  The guys had been dragging buckets and buckets of mud and broken pipes upstairs and outside.  They had put down (god bless them) a red rubberish mat to walk on...... but the basement door and front door were covered in muddy handprints and splatters of mud.

To give you some idea of how much mud I am talking about -- this is the trailer where they were dumping it... the trailer is 6 feet x 12 feet.........

By 3 they had finished all they could do -- now we wait for a city inspector to approve the job. 

One of the guys rolled up the mat - and the boss got a broom and swept up the bits left behind.  Then he got some paper towels and windex and sprayed the doors front and back and left them sparkling.  I was SO impressed.

After they left I ventured downstairs to see what it looked like............. 

WOW what an improvement in just 3 short hours!!!

Now we wait for the inspection -- and then they will cement the basement floor.  The very best part -- the moldy musty smell has vanished.  It was dug up and thrown in the trailer ....... YAY!!!

Life is good when the 'indoor swimming pool' is dismantled.......


  1. Yay! ... smell gone and work and cleanup were done by someone other than yourself ... a good day indeed! ... nj ... xx

  2. Wow, that does look like some major works! Glad the problem is being sorted, and even better, that they cleaned up afterwards and the smell is gone!

    Hope the inspection and rest of the work go smoothly.



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