Monday, September 24, 2018

It's Monday -- Again

Can you guess I'm trying to be positive today??

We went up one last time to the campsite on Friday -- despite severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches.  Personally I thought we were crazy........ but I am a good submissive and I didn't complain too much.

The wind was horrendous during the afternoon when I was there alone.  The dog was restless and whining....... not a particularly good sign.  But the sky was blue...... 

Finally Sir Steve showed up and managed to get our last steak supper barbequed and even insisted we would have a fire.  (Did I ever tell you sometimes I think this man is N U T S !!  ?)  

The fire was blazing and eldest daughter and her husband joined us for our last Friday night campfire.  I was sure I felt some rain drops -- but everyone said it was just droplets blowing off the trees......... but no sooner had those words been spoken when the heavens opened up and torrential rain arrived.  None of us made it to the trailer without getting soaked!  We crammed into the trailer and sat and chatted for a bit.  The rain slowed down...... and it got a little stuffy inside.  Sir Steve got up to open the outside door ....... and announced the rain had stopped and miracle of miracles the fire was still going strong.

We all stomped back outside.  Dryed off the chairs - tossed the cushions as they were soaked...... and enjoyed the last Friday night campfire (despite the cold) until bedtime.

Saturday morning I packed up the last bits and pieces..... and then went for my last walk around the site.................. 

Once we got home Sir Steve took me on a "date night" .  We had dinner out at our favourite Indian restaurant and then headed off to see a movie. (We saw Peppermint -- not a terrible movie if you like watching a woman seek revenge on the bad guys with lots of gory blood and guts).   Sunday was a quiet day watching all the football games I had taped on Friday and Saturday. 

And now it's Monday again.... I'm doing laundry (once I figured out what the bloody plumbers screwed up last week so my machine wouldn't work)  .. and planning my week of shopping for the lil one's birthday party -- meals for the week and food for those meals -- oh yes and a birthday gift for middle grandson

"I'm alive -- I'm blessed -- Life is Good" (my mantra for this week I think)

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Glad you managed a last bbq at the campsite despite the weather and the date night sounded awesome:) Hope you survived Monday lol. It's Tuesday night here as I write.



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