Tuesday, September 18, 2018


I'm done -- so very done.

I spent last week packing up the trailer in my head over and over -- I spent the weekend organising and packing up the trailer and fussing cause I was worried I wouldn't have enough bins (I think I do have enough -- this coming weekend will be the end and I'll know for sure)

Then Monday I had all the laundry to do............ and because we've had water in the basement on and off all summer (while the landlord tries to find someone to solve the issue) all the boxes in the basement got wet.


Yesterday I decided to empty all the wet boxes (into more bins) and cut up the wet boxes and get them ready for garbage day (which is today)
Then I moved all the non wet boxes and bins into piles in the dry area of the basement and organised them - sort of - so I can get to the 'seasonal bins' and know what's in each box/bin and where they are.  (and I should add here that I had to keep manually emptying the brand spanking new sump pump cause for some reason it won't empty automatically!!)

Got that done when the landlord texted me and asked if he could come over and see the mess.  He didn't show up till 5 minutes before I had to meet the school bus.  Mind you he was as useful as 'tits on a bull'  It was a total waste of my time -- and added to my stress levels as I didn't want to be late for the bus.

Then the lil one came in and reported she hadn't eaten her lunch cause she talked through lunch BUT she did eat all the junk food mother sent.  


Then as I am lecturing her about the evils of eating junk food and ignoring the healthy food in her lunch the doorbell rang and there was my meat delivery for the next 6 months!! which of course had to be unpacked and stored in the freezer before it all defrosted (and it was hot enough yesterday that that was a definite possibility) which also meant more boxes to cut up for the garbage.

Then because I'm smart like that I had lamb out for dinner and had to start cooking a lamb dinner.............. 

AND then when Sir Steve walked in I just burst into tears.  I was SO tired -- more than tired -- bone weary -- exhausted.

Life is proving to be exhausting -- Sir Steve is exhausted from his 10 hour days and I am exhausted from trying to keep our home life under control (trying is the operative word)

I keep waiting for things to settle down -- to find quiet times to recharge my batteries -- to reconnect with Sir Steve -- and it's not happening........ I feel just a tad desperate.... things have to improve...... they just have to !


  1. That sounds like quite a day. We have days like that here often, and I just crash into bed so exhausted. Hope you can get some rest tomorrow, as well as your Sir Steve.

  2. Oh gosh, you did have quite a day! Hang in there. I hope things calm a bit for you soon.



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