Thursday, September 13, 2018

Advocating for Myself........

If you remember -- when I saw the new doctor he decided to wean me off some meds I've been on for the last 15+ years and put me on something new.

I tend to freeze when a doctor is telling me what's best for me..... and like a "good lil girl" I do what he tells me to...... so for the last 2 weeks I have been swallowing these new pills even though in the back on my mind was the question " do I need these?"

The side effects are devastating........ sleepiness is one of them..... and when I say sleepiness I mean the inability to function during the day -- feeling like I am drugged (yeah yeah I know technically I am) 

Then there was the low grade headache I had 24/7...... I do NOT do headaches well at all!

Then there was the winner -- nausea !!  It got so bad that even though I got hungry I could barely eat because the nausea was so severe.   

And the latest one that popped up this week was the "runs" .... I didn't dare leave the house for fear I would need a toilet.

I was going to call the doctor -- but realized he had told me he would be away till the end of the month. I was trying very hard to tough it out 

Then the other morning I stopped and went "WHOA -- I need to advocate for myself.  These pills are not working -- and on top of that I have no reason to think I need them." 

So last night I did not take the pill.  This morning I was actually hungry and managed to eat breakfast with no nausea!  I still have the low grade headache but am assuming that will disappear too with time.  I will see my doctor in a couple of weeks and we can discuss my decision to not medicate something  I don't have.


  1. well, good on you. we're always telling out patients that if a pill makes you feel bad (or worse than you already are) STOP taking them and come back. or go to the emergency room if it's dire.

    i hope it gets sorted out eventually when he's back!

  2. Good on you advocating for yourself, although you do have to be careful about just stopping medications. I hope you are able to get it sorted with the doc when he returns and that any alternative meds he gives you agree with you.



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