Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Quiet Day -- N O T !

At 7:30 this morning -- my busy hour getting the lil one out the door to the school bus -- the plumbers arrived to fix the pipe they broke back in May 

They are tearing up the basement floor -- I can't hear myself think.  

They are blocking the lane way with their truck and don't seem to care

I shouldn't bitch right??  cause the leak is finally gonna be fixed and our basement will be dry and the musty moldy smell will finally leave the house.......... 

BUT -- 

they discovered a crack in the foundation that is allowing water in...... they found it cause it's raining......

Life is so much fun isn't it???  


  1. Ughhh ... you are having to take on so much work and worry ... I hope the landlord is front and centre managing the repairs and not leaving that to you .... and those musty damp smells? .... they are the worst to get rid of, especially when they get into anything that is fabric. I had to turf a couple bins of Christmas decor because nothing worked ... Fabreeze, cedar balls ... nahah. However, good that the bigger issues were discovered before the repairs were complete. Hugs! ... nj

  2. Argh, having tradesman in the house is stressful! Nodding at NJ's comment. I too hope the landlord is front and centre. I hope the leak issues will finally now be resolved.



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