Thursday, September 27, 2018

Busy Couple of Days

Already done this morning:  the birthday cake is in the oven - the loot bags are done -- now if the parents would just RSVP to let me know if their lil ones are coming on Saturday !!  (insert exasperated sigh)

I am hoping to have our birthday cake look something like the one above....... ohhhh in case I haven't told you - I always did themed birthday parties for my kids -- so I am continuing that tradition with the lil one.  This year the theme is "Artist".  So I have lots of artistic games/crafts organised ... and loot bags full of artistic 'junk' (grinning)
expect lots of pictures come Monday.........


I have been having some 'health' issues for the last week or so....... I couldn't figure out what was going on......... Tuesday was the worst.  I  went shopping and could feel my heart pounding - like it was gonna jump out of my chest...... I felt like I was walking through chest high water.   And I was SO exhausted.  Then yesterday I started having pain in my shins ... hips... feet.... to put it mildly I was scared.  

Then I took a deep breath and realized I have not been taking my B12.  About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with very low B12....... symptoms of low B12; tiredness, heart palpitations, pain in your bones.... OH and depression and feelings of helplessness.  When had I last taken my B12??? It's been at least a month.......... slap me now!!! 
So Tuesday night I took my B12 and again last night........ hopefully in a week or so I will be feeling more like my old self.

Here's to raising my B12 levels ... and to birthday parties for lil ones!

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  1. Happy Birthday to lil one! Hope the cake turned out as you wanted, love the one in the pic. Love your party theme too. Hope the party goes well and that lil one and her friends have a wonderful time.

    Oh gosh, I would have been worried about those symptoms too. So glad there was an easy answer. Hope you are feeling better soon.



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