Monday, May 07, 2018

My Stalker

Many many years ago I had a Dom very interested in me.  We had negotiated and played and he was fun... he was!

He once told me he could find me ...anywhere... even at work.  (now remember I was a teacher -- under a board that had many schools) I laughed and said 'good luck with that'.   Imagine my surprise when he showed up at my school and got in........ and showed up in my office.   BUT there was a part of me that was flattered that he would actually hunt me down.  No warning bells -- no red flags.  Colour me naive.

Time passed and we were together for many years... He collared me - he even registered me on the slave registry.  When it was good it was very good -- when it went bad -- it went very bad.  

I moved ... out of his house but still in the same city.

And I thought he was out of my life.

Until he wasn't.  I had blocked him on the net....... blocked his phone number -- blocked and blocked.  So he mailed me letters.  Mailed me gifts.  I called him a stalker and he got very insulted -- and very verbal.  But he disappeared.  (for awhile)

But seriously in the back of my mind I still wasn't free from him.... I could and did bump into him at local shops.

Then the opportunity arouse for me to move to this new city.  And I took it.  AND I refused to give anyone -- ANYONE -- my new address. 

I felt safe finally!  I felt free finally!

Then in March Sir Steve got a message from the owners of the campgrounds.   A package had been delivered there for me.  HUH??? I had NO idea who would send me anything there.... So we ignored it.  

On Saturday we arrived at the campgrounds to spend the weekend opening the trailer.  When we checked in - the owner passed the 'package' that had arrived in the mail for me.  I stared at the envelope and felt a flash of emotions -- shock.... anger... and a tinge of fear.  The package was from this Stalker Dom.  Both Sir Steve and I were dumbfounded.  How the hell had he found me?!

BUT I posted pictures last year on Facebook on Sir Steve's wall -- of our camping experience -- and it was tagged with our location.  For me the scariest part -- was how much he knew about my new life......... right down to the lil one's name!!!!

The worst part -- ignore the fact I left him over 3 years ago -- ignore the fact I have called him a 'stalker' before and he was butt hurt ......... the worst part is he honestly thinks he's doing a good thing.  Each time he has mailed me something he thinks he's doing something N I C E !!  He doesn't understand how much of a stalker he is -- how f**king sick it is.  Let's not even talk about how many in the community have told me of stalkerish behaviours of his against others in the community... how many consent violations he has committed under the guise of "joking".  AND he blames me for his being ostracized from the community (le sigh)

One last attempt at getting the point across..............

(this has been cross posted in part to Fetlife)


  1. Oh gosh, this is scary, and very concerning that he has tracked you down again and knows so much about you. You may need to report it, especially with the history of such behaviour. At the very least be hyper aware safety and security wise.


  2. That is absolutely frightening. I hope this guy gets the picture. I second reporting it. I worry about escalating behavior.

  3. Very scary, Morningstar ... and I can understand how it might be difficult to make a police report but similarly to Roz and Lea said, you may find you have to do that, if for nothing but peace of mind and a less stressful summer camping.

  4. Please report this. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Report him to the authorities immediately for your safety as well as the safety of everyone close to you.


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