Monday, May 28, 2018

Recharging weekend........

As is often the way -- the weekend didn't turn out the way we had planned

It was supposed to rain all weekend -- with thunder storms thrown in for good measure.  We had alternate plans -- like watching movies, reading and sex and more sex.

As it turned out -- other than Friday evening -- it really didn't rain.  The sun didn't shine but it didn't rain.  I did get some reading done -- we watched one movie --- I coped with an icky tummy..... soooo ..........we  recharged our batteries sleeping.

On the plus side though -- I did get the last of the Lobelia planted for the deck.... and on the way home on Sunday we stopped at TSC because we heard they were carrying garden fairies.  Last summer saw one of my favourite fairies broken by an unruly 4 year old.... AND..... I did want to add a couple of new fairies ......
I may have gotten a little carried away with the number I bought -- but I couldn't resist....... 

I am already sorting out where they will go in the fairy garden next weekend .  Of course there will be pictures coming once they are placed!!

OH and I summoned up some courage (for lack of a better word) and dragged Sir Steve into the bedroom when we got home on Sunday for a little 'appetizer' before dinner.... as my icky tummy was feeling a little better.

So all in all -- it was a good weekend.........


  1. Hi Morningstar, sounds like a wonderful and relaxing weekend, very nice! Glad the weather wasn't as bad as you anticipated. Love the fairies!

    Hope the icky tummy passes soon.


  2. Those fairies are pretty!! I also always feel awesome after recharging for a while... we all need the down time every now and again.


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