Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Miss Ashes

This is "Miss Ashes" .... she turns 18 in July 

She is one bossy bitch.  When we moved to Cornwall -- she bossed the dog (a lab for god's sakes! ) so much so that now the dog submits to her.  

She climbs up on Sir Steve's lap every opportunity she gets.  And every night at bedtime she walks up the bed between us to get her 'snuggles' from him.  She has snuggled with me when I was alone and feeling lost ... She has laid beside me while I recuperated from surgery..... And she has tried bossing me around too -- demanding her dinner at 5:30 sharp!  and fresh water every morning.

5 years ago the vet was worried about a lump in her groin area.  I put my foot down -- no tests -- if it was serious she would come home with me and I would take care of her.  

And still she has carried on.... eating sleeping playing (occasionally).

But recently she has started poohing on our bed.... or on the sofa... she is throwing up more.... and the latest thing she is chewing the fur off her belly.  This morning she asked to go out and I took her -- but she didn't show much interest in exploring the grass / yard.  She laid down at the top of the stairs and cried 

I brought her back in and she has gone off to hide.

It might sound really hard but I don't want to take her to the vets.... they cost so much money and honestly I don't have it........ and she is 18 years old!  

I remember when Squirt (my male cat) got sick some years ago -- I spent over $1500 on vet bills in the period of 5 days and then I still had to put him down.

I don't know what to do ya know?? I feel like a terrible fur mother because I can't afford a vet....... and a worse fur mother for not being able to decide about her quality of life.


selkie said...

I understand about worry about the cost so, perhaps just bring her in and have her humanely euthanized. It is cruel to let her suffer; she is most clearly suffering - and if showing that much pain, suffering greatly (cats and other animals tend to "disguise" pain - genetic to avoid predators - that obvious she is in serious pain). She has had a wonderful, long life but it is time to do the right thing and see her out kindly.

Roz said...

Hi Morningstar,

I'm so sorry to read this, poor Ms Ashes and poor you. It's so hard when our fur babies get sick. I nursed one of mine through cancer for three years before losing her a couple of years ago. I think you really do need to take her to the vet to find out what's wrong if you possibly can, especially if she's in pain.

Sending huge (((hugs)))

NoraJean said...

It's so hard when they get old and sick, Morningstar. I would check with your local humane society. When you or she is ready to say 'it's time' they will most likely do a euthanasia at a lower rate or sometimes even no cost. ... hugs ... nj

thewomaninacape said...

You have been an excellent cat Mom to her. Unfortunately it does sound like it might be time for her to move on. I don't know if there are but perhaps contact a vet or a rescue place and see if they have any program for seniors to help with the cost of a peaceful transition?

Anonymous said...

It really sucks when our pets get old :( we lost 2 senior dogs this year (and still have an 18 year old cat and 11 year old dog). One was very sudden, but the other had been declining for a few years. We had a a line in the sand so to speak- when he started to lose motor function in his back legs, or if he was unable to control his bowels it was time. Over the course of about 2 weeks he lost the ability to walk well. Our vet didnt try to disuade us, or do unnecessary tests. We scheduled a time and they humanely euthanised him. I would take that process compared to my other dog on a heart beat- she had a tumour on her spleen we didnt know about and it ruptured. Thankfully it was during the day and we were home so we were able to get to the vet and she was made comfortable. Otherwise she would have died alone and in immense pain. Both were able to go with dignity which is all I would want for myself.

A decent vet wont judge you for euthanizing an obviously ill elderly cat without further tests... and I was a little suprised at how little it cost.

selkie said...

further to Anonymous's comment - yes, be VERY CLEAR to the vets you phone, that you have made the decision based on her age and condition to euthanize, that you are NOT going to have any tests/medications! If they object and insist on them, move onto the next vet.

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