Saturday, May 05, 2018

The Challenge

Well we are off to the campgrounds this morning.  

All week my stomach was fluttering -- this morning it is tied up in knots (and not the good kind of knots) 

It's weird really -- last summer I understood my nervousness as I hadn't come face to face with the mother or grandmother since Sir Steve and I were together.  This summer should be different -- I have seen the mother and grandmother every time we have gone to court.  I have endured the grandmother's cold shoulder and childish behaviours towards me.

But the thought of almost 5 months of living two doors down from them is almost too much.  And the memories of last summer and the nonsense I (we) had to endure -- and let's not forget the grandfather's threatening behaviour to me one night -- are the stuff my nightmares are made of these days.

Nothing in my life has prepared me for the mentality of these people!  Nothing in my life has taught me how to handle these people.  I do NOT do confrontation -- or confrontational people -- I just don't !  They definitely bring out the fight or flight reaction in me -- and it's the flight reaction that wins every time.

I did have a meme come across my Facebook feed the other day.  Something that made me stop and think........................

Maybe -- just maybe -- I will be smiling a lot this summer ..... 

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  1. I can understand your anxiety. I hope everyone behaves and that all goes smoothly this year.



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