Friday, May 11, 2018

Grating on My Nerves

On Monday I wrote about 'my stalker'......... and I posted an edited version to Fetlife.

I never once mentioned his name on here or Fetlife -- but he came back (on Fetlife) with a diatribe about me -- using my name. I expected it so no surprise.  What did annoy me though -- was how he versed it.. calling me a liar and saying I was talking bullshit.  How he 'the good guy' was simply returning something I had left behind when I left.

I thought I could ignore it -- that's always been his modus operandi -- trying to make himself look good -- just doing the 'right thing' etc -- but it's been grating on me ever since.  I am so tired of his acting all high and mighty -- the wounded one in all this. 

So let's set the record straight.
A month after I left him I got a legalese worded letter telling me I had 10 days to remove my belongings from his house (like I had left stuff!!)  and if it wasn't removed he would dispose of it as he saw fit.

This all important package he just HAD to return to me 3 years after the fact -- contained 2 ears of popping corn.... and it might be interesting to note they are 4 years old and probably as stale as stale can be.

He is not fooling me -- not one little bit.  He was not doing a good deed - he was not returning my things......... he was showing me he could still find me!  He knew where I spend my summers -- if that's not stalking me I don't know what is!!  

oh yeah -- I almost forgot -- just like every other time I have called him on the rug for stalking me he has yelled to the heavens that he was done -- through -- never contacting me again............ every single time!  Yet he continues to do so...... why?? because he wants me to know he's watching me -- he wants back in my head.  Because he can't admit to himself he never had any real control over me -- I didn't swallow his excuses for the other women -- I didn't swallow his woe's me attitude ... AND I didn't let his threats of suicide sway me - anymore. 

AND I have made up my mind -- that a restraining order /police involvement might be necessary to finally put an end to this.   

I am done!  



  1. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this and am sorry to say I agree, I think you need to involve the Police.


  2. You really do need to make a police report, Morningstar. And then do not engage with him in any way, shape or form again. I speak from experience ... not me personally but someone close to us who has dealt with a stalking situation for a couple of years. Report and ignore.
    Hugs! ... nj

  3. I'm glad to hear you're going to involve the police.

  4. Oh hes playing games. Big ol' narcissist acting like he's the good guy. Gotta get the police involved now. Ugh.


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