Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday?? Already??!!

I can't believe the weekend is here........ between Sir Steve's new hours at work and the lil one's allergies and my icky tummy -- the week has flown by.

And here I am packing up to go to the trailer for the weekend.  A rainy miserable weekend according to the weather forecast. 

BUT I have a good book...... we have some films we want to watch....... and a nice big Queen sized bed for some play time....... 

Hope you all get what you need this weekend........... 


NoraJean said...

Have a great 'cocooning' weekend while glamping, Morningstar! ... some of my favourite camping memories include rain on the roof ... nj ... xx

Roz said...

Where do the weeks go? Hope the allergies and tummy have settled and that you have a wonderful weekend. Hope the weather doesn't turn out as forecast and that you enjoy some wonderful indoor activities if it does :)


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