Wednesday, May 30, 2018


One of the headaches about using moderation on comments is that I don't always get a notification that a comment has been left.

I didn't see any comments on my post about Miss Ashes... until this morning.  And I feel badly.  If you are gonna leave a comment I want to stay on top of them and make sure they are published as soon as possible.  BUT I never got a notification.  I know I have heard a few folks in blogland complaining about the same thing... am thinking it might be a setting.  So later this afternoon (when I get home) I will take a look.

Until I figure it out -- please be patient ....... and don't stop commenting please!  I love getting them...


  1. It's a Blogger problem, Morningstar. Everybody has the same issue. Something broke after they made a change a week or so ago, relative to a new EU law regarding Internet 'cookies'. ... nj

  2. I saw this on Hermioine's blog, could be why you are not receiving emails. Not sure if you could get around it.

    If you use Blogger, you will by now have noticed that you no longer receive email notifications of comments on your blog. This is likely due to the new implementation of the warning about cookies that Blogger has put on all blogs. There is no relation between the two, but often one feature breaks when another is added or fixed. The technicians are aware of this problem and are working on it.


  3. i don't think it's a setting as much as a blogger blitz. I'm not getting notifications about comments needing moderation too.

  4. Hi Morningstar,

    There is apparently an issue with notifications which they are working on at the moment. I believe an update is to be run shortly which should hopefully solve the problem.


  5. I turned off Allow Anyone to comment and set it to Only Google IDs and the comments came back.
    This isn't as mean as it sounds, as they're not supporting anonymous commenting anymore, anyhow.
    You might try that...


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