Friday, May 04, 2018

Busy Week

What a busy week !!  Sir Steve started his new job on Monday (YAY!!) and I was in charge of the lil one - getting her on and off the bus -- doing her homework and all the little things that go along with amusing a 5 year old.  

In between times - I got the house cleaned - the laundry done -- made umpteen lists for camping - pulled the camping gear out of the basement and reorganised it and got it all packed neatly in nice large plastic bins........ OH YEAH -- and I went shopping for food for the trailer and for home -- and decided a trip to the liquor store was in order for some liquor/wine.

When I had a few free minutes I tried to organise my youngest's birthday party and a Mother's Day celebration for next weekend.  (Unfortunately it seems it won't happen -- the girls' father is scheduled to go into hospital for open heart surgery on the Friday)  shrug -- another missed Mother's Day...... 

Then there was the animal episode... the day the dog had an ear episode -- I tried to put in ear drops which didn't end well -- I had more ear drops on me than she got in her ears...... and during the melee I thought my indoor cat Miss Ashes -- 17 years old - had escaped into the neighbourhood.  My heart broke.  
Fortunately when the lil one came home Miss Ashes reappeared magically sitting beside her begging for some of her snack.  I wasn't sure if I was gonna kill the cat or hug her to death.  Her reaction was more a "what the hell is your problem!?"  

And now today -- the lil one has been shipped off to school and then to her mother's for the weekend ... I am baking muffins to take to the campsite (and praying for warm sunshine for the weekend)  

Sir Steve has some minor oral surgery this afternoon after work -- a night to recuperate then bright and early tomorrow we drag all the 'stuff' to the campgrounds and open the trailer for another summer of fun in the sun 
(if the sun decides to show up this year!!)

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Roz said...

It certainly sounds like you had a busy week! I hope the first week at work has been good for Sir Steve and that the dental surgery goes smoothly. The fun and games with the animals made me giggle. They are worse than kids at times lol.

Have fun at the campground :)


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