Thursday, October 12, 2017

Chugging along.......

This bug has zapped my energy -- my patience -- and my good humour !!  I have done virtually nothing this week......... well other than moving one of my bookshelves here -- and my printer.  AND re-configuring my printer cause it refused to recognise my computer here.  OH yeah -- and the day I moved the book shelf here -- I just dumped everything on the bed in the room -- when the lil one came home -- she gave me quite the lecture about keeping the house tidy (smart assed kid!!)  Next day I tidied up the spare room and put everything away.  The lil one gave me an "awesome job " when she got home from school (grinning)

Re the continuing saga of the ex and custody -- she is trying to get spousal support.  I nearly had a stroke!!  I know too much about this woman before she even met Sir Steve -- her desire to find a man who would support her for life ...... (can you hear me growling?) Well Sir Steve and I sat down and filled out reams of forms regarding his financial situation.  Ain't no bloody way the courts are gonna grant her spousal support which makes me VERY happy!  (cause I'm a bitch like that)

AND the court sent her a 'final notice' letter giving her until this weekend to remove all her crap out of the house.  IF she doesn't (and I don't expect she will as she's had 16 months to do it) then Monday Sir Steve can give it all away or sell it.  (see me doing the happy dance?! - cause I'm a bitch like that)

Now I have used up all my daily dose of energy - back to the sofa for a nap....... 

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  1. You really made me smile in my bath tub. This is one of the best posts I like that you wrote. Yes, many women tried to find men to support them for life. It’s the truth.

    Being a bitch is awesome. :)


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