Monday, October 30, 2017


It has been a rough 3 weeks..... 

Actually I was sure it was much much longer than that since I got this bug.... but I checked and it has only been 3 weeks.

Saturday was the worst day -- I felt almost as bad as I did at the beginning -- achy bones/joints... feverish... tight chest and my sinuses!! dear god it felt like they were gonna explode.  I really thought I would be heading back to the clinic this week -- begging them for something stronger than what they had given me.

The worst part was probably my low oxygen levels -- every single thing I did left me breathless and shaking.... and the pump they gave me didn't seem to be helping one little bit.

Yesterday (6 days into the antibiotics)  it would seem (fingers crossed) was a turning point.  I hardly coughed at all -- my sinuses miraculously stopped pounding and I managed to make 4 dozen meatballs and 2 dozen cookies and didn't feel weak and shaky once.  

My hopes for a fun adult weekend were put on hold -- and now it seems it'll be another couple of weeks before we are alone -- but hey I'll settle for the desire and strength for nice quiet sex at this point!!

Here's to MAYBE being on the mend and life returning to normal.........

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