Saturday, October 21, 2017

Coming Together

It's all coming together ........ the redecorating the house that is..... (god I hate when he's right!! cheeky grin)

Yesterday Sir Steve brought the dining room set home... went to my apartment and picked up a chair that was really too big for the space... and bought some shelving.  Then we (well really he) put everything in place.  


I think it looks amazing...... There is still a couple of things that need doing - like new coat hanging shelves for the front door -- but for the most part it's all coming together........ 

Here are some before and after shots 

The Kitchen minus the table and chairs.......... 

and with the new table and chairs............ 

The living room with the new tables and the white chair.........

(oh and the dog curled up on her bed)

For his birthday Sir Steve received 2 Samurai helmets from a dear friend and I gave him a Samurai sword....... He mounted the shelves and now they are beautifully displayed.........

I love it when a plan comes together.... 



  1. What a beautiful dining table! All your new furniture is gorgeous. The Restore near us is always busy; with the parking lot full and people coming and going.

    At first I thought that if you were living with Sir S you would give up your apartment and therefore bring your own furniture over to fill the gaps, but I guess I was wrong. Are you still maintaining your "bolthole" for escape and quiet time?


  2. is Miss Ashes with you guys now? Always love seeing pictures of that pretty girl


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