Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Real life versus On line

I have always believed that real life beats on line hands down,  However for the last 6 months - W and I have had more on line experiences (for the most part) than real life.  (and you can all get your minds out of the gutter - we have NOT been having cyber sex!! cheeky grin)

For the most part I have been living the kitchen renovations on line.  W has been very very good at keeping me up to date on the work while it was going on.  He sent me pictures of just about everything - every little step of the way. 

He even sent me a picture of the appliance cupboard with the fancy lift shelf that will - with a slight tug on the handles bring my brand spanking red Kitchen Aid mixer out and up and ready to rock and roll.  


arriving here Sunday - getting to stand in the middle of the kitchen - smelling the new wood smell - opening cupboards and closing them (actually watching them close on their own) was spectacular.  SO much better than looking at pictures!! Standing in the middle of this top of line kitchen was as good as an orgasm............ (well almost) 

And then yesterday we went out and bought a brand spanking new microwave to fit on the microwave shelf........................ 


Last night I cooked our first dinner in the new kitchen - meat loaf and mashed potatoes - not exactly a gourmet meal for such a gourmet kitchen - but with time...................

oh yeah I am here to say - real life beats on line hands down - be it a new kitchen - or   hugs and snuggles - and hopefully some spankings too.......   no one will convince me otherwise!!  


  1. I agree with morningstar, she should have been here watching planning this kitchen since once she is here full time I won't be going into the kitchen and I made mistakes in designing the layout and things for this kitchen :-((

    To morningstar I am sorry for the choices I made during constrcution that will make your future kitchen duties harder to complete...

  2. I couldn't agree more!
    Someday Jack & I will be doing what you and W are ... and I can hardly wait!

    The kitchen looks fabulous by the way ... love the cabinet handles!

  3. Gorgeous kitchen! I love the pull-out shelf for the mixer.

    Our microwave is on a similar alcove beneath the cupboards. It frees up the counter space.


  4. Ordalie11:30 pm

    The previous owners would swoon if they saw what you've made of their kitchen!

  5. I am so glad you got the new microwave. I had stressed over the breadbox being there. LOL
    Your new kitchen is fantastic and I am so very happy for you and Sir W.


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