Wednesday, March 13, 2013


bob asked 
Who decided this lifestyle you or your Master

Well bob - I was in the lifestyle way before I met W (who is Sir to me at his request not Master).   W was into bondage only.  When we collided the world exploded - for both of us.

Originally our getting together was only to teach me about ropes and bondage.  There was never any intent of it going any further.

I enjoyed the ropes but they ......ummmmm... didn't scratch the itch I had - the itch being my need for pain.

Then one day Sir picked up a crop and while I was hog tied to the bed he used it on me and that is when our world exploded.  Slowly over time Sir learned to enjoy inflicting pain on me in many different ways and with many different implements.  I learned to wiggle out of his ropes. (just call me Houdini)

Then slowly over time again we started introducing D/s to our relationship.  My waiting on his every need.  Way back when (when the dinosaurs roamed the land) I had been trained as a service sub......... it felt good to be serving again.  Sir loves protocols - especially HIGH protocols ...... and He trained me to serve to His specifications.  (One Dom will train one way - another Dom will have different needs - therefore one needs to be flexible for more than bondage - cheeky grin)

After all these years together we are starting over again (now that's a long story and definitely not for today's post) ........... where we will journey this time is anyone's guess....... but I am hoping for a return to D/s and bondage and pain and a wonderful mix of everything we need to have a full and happy life.


and that brings me to the end of the questions prompted by this blog entry.  
If you have any more questions - please feel free to leave them in the comment section and I will answer them.  It makes coming up with a daily post so much easier - dontcha know !! 

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  1. Hi Morningstar

    Have you ever met someone purely online and got to "know" them and then met them in Real Life and found them to be completely different from what you'd imagined?



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