Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Happily Ever After?

Just when my dream was so close - dream of 24/7 with my Sir - everything seems to fall apart........... 

Read what W wrote HERE and let me know what you think............

i believe it is my fault btw.....all my fault............


  1. Yikes!

    By "leave" does he mean leave the BDSM lifestyle figuratively, but not literally go away? I hope so.

    Sigh. Why didn't he talk this over with you? I suspect his post a response to your post about needing help getting back into the swing of of submission.

    Maybe you should leave a comment on his post and see what transpires.

  2. Sounds to me like he is simply confronting the realities of aging... Something we tend to be doing a lot of around here these days. I don't have the context or the back story, but this doesn't sound like the end of the dream. Really, it sounds like contemplation of what is available to make a dream come true. Talk to the man!


  3. Sheesh!! Just like a vanilla couple doesn't wake up one morning and decide to be full on D/s (or BDSM in any variety), a BDSM couple probably can't wake up and say 'absolutely no more. We are now 100% vanilla.'
    However with health, age or other limitations, couples can and will need to re-define their relationship. It might not be what is was before but it could fit exactly right with where you are now in your life. Working together and being completely open and honest with one another, I am confident you'll be able to find middle ground. You'll be able to find what will work for both of you.
    Best wishes,

  4. Ordalie11:09 pm

    Why do you find that post ominous? For me he's just putting on paper some questions we all have in mind, there's no need to start beating your breast.

  5. Anonymous6:56 am

    Right, so he's putting up some thoughts and questions he's asking himself, not thinking how you're going to take it. you're blaming yourself.. FFS.. its six of one and half a dozen of the other!

    TALK TO EACH OTHER, instead of just reading each other's blog posts!! pick up the bloomin' phone and TALK!

  6. wow - last anonymous commenter - got a little bit of angst do ya this morning????

  7. Angst or not, he/she has a point.
    I read nothing terrible or ominous.
    Talk to him.
    Miscommunication is death to a relationship.


  8. Ordalie9:59 pm

    Anonymous's plea is pretty forceful but HE IS RIGHT!!!

  9. Anonymous5:49 am

    :) no, no angst this morning (or yesterday for that matter), just ... sometimes people need to be told straight. so I told you straight. don't let this miscommunication or whatever it is ruin what you have going with W - EITHER of you! the only way you're going to get it sorted out is to talk - and to each other, not through blog posts - hence what I said.

    So I repeat. if you haven't done already, pick up the phone and talk!!

    and good luck! :) xx

  10. To everyone that commented to morningstar thank you for your words to her.

    I was wrong writing My blog and I shouldn't have done it knowing what I ( not you folks ) what I know is going on in morningstar's life right now...

    Now, I am going into silence with My thoughts....



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