Monday, March 11, 2013


Getting back to the March questions that come from this blog entry.............

OK I promise not to ask the one about where babies come from :)
A medical condition forbids me from flying so I am asking this purely out of curiosity.
If a kinkster, on this side of The Pond, were to ask you what is the most interesting town in Canada for BDSM and/or Spanking interests, where in your opinion is the kink capital of Canada?

 geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez Prefectdt - the baby question???!!!  ugh !!  can I buy you a "how to" book??? (cheeky grin)

But getting to the serious part of your question.................. 

I had some subbie friends over for coffee when I was in Kingston - and I presented the question to them.  Laughingly we all crossed Kingston off any potential list. 

Then I named off cities and we were left with Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and St. John's.

I'm a little disillusioned with Montreal - there are rare munches - not that many public parties - and if you have french you might improve your odds of finding something to do.

I was told Vancouver is having some problems - something about a lot of "outings" just recently which would make it difficult to find public events to attend (I would think)

St John's - is a beautiful city - but secluded and not a whole lot to do when you aren't doing BDSM.

And that left Toronto.  When we discussed it - we all agreed - Toronto would be the city we would recommend........... lots of munches - good shopping - plenty of public play and a few recommendable Pro-Doms :)  Also Toronto has a busy vanilla social life.  


  1. Did you ever watch Kink on Showcase? It was on for 5 seasons but I only saw the first 6 episodes of the final season. It was set in Halifax and surrounding area, and that city seemed to be a hotbed of S/M activities, in a very laid-back, friendly atmosphere.

    Season 1 was in Toronto, for the obvious reasons you stated above.


  2. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. Toronto sounds good. I have to guiltily admit that I have never heard of St. John's before.



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