Friday, March 08, 2013


Ok so yesterday I decided to succumb to the ever popular Q&A month (after many years of unsuccessful attempts to elicit questions out of you the readers) 

Imagine my surprise when I had 6 questions waiting for me !!  I will answer one question a day - which should fill up about 5 days of blog entries.  IF anyone else wants to throw out a question or two - please feel free to leave them in the comment secion...................... 

bob said...What are you going to do when you retire in 4 months
Ordalie said...Yes, what are you going to fill your days with after retirement? 

A lot of folks have said I won't be happy being retired - I will be bored and restless.  Folks love to nay say - and to be pessimist I think.  I have been thinking about retirement for a few years now (hell after 30 years doing virtually the same job - I would think just about anyone would start thinking about "what next")

I have every intention of taking the first few months - and playing at being a lazy old sod.  Look into my options and take my time making final decisions.  

I do know though - that I have every intention of going back to school.  I have always wanted to take some classes in photography.  I have no intention of starting a new career - but I do intend to work hard at perfecting my hobby.

I also want to take the blank slate that is our backyard - and see if I can't try my hand at some garden design.  My dream is to have an oriental garden in the back yard - complete with a water feature and a pagoda.

I have been giving some serious thought to some Tai Chi classes.  I had a friend once upon a time who took Tai Chi boxing (I think that is what it was called) the boxing didn't interest me but the graceful flowing motions of Tai Chi did. 

I am also toying with starting a submissive group up here in Kingston.  There has been some very positive feed back to that idea ............. (which is still an idea bouncing around in my addled brain)

And of course - I intend to make damn good use of the beautiful new kitchen W had built for me here.  It will be a working kitchen - not just some pretty eye candy.  In fact this week I have had some fun actually dirtying it's some proof - last night's dinner



( honestly the pictures don't do justice to the dinner - you will just have to trust me when I say it wasn't a soupy mess)

Bob - I know there was a second part to your question - but I am going to save that for another day Anonymous


  1. Ordalie11:05 pm

    Photography, that's a very good idea! You have a knack for finding unusual subjects and hopefully you'll resume your photo blog.

  2. Ordalie12:54 pm

    And for God's sake, don't fall into the trap of a former colleague of mine: teaching was his whole life so when he retired he fell into a very deep depression.
    Three years later it seemed he had overcome it but he suddenly died of a massive heart attack. IMO probably induced by all the drugs he had taken, but I'm no doctor.


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