Monday, March 25, 2013

This 'n That

I haven't done a bouncing ball post in a while - so I figure I am allowed..........follow along and do keep up.............

It was a "me" weekend - well that was the plan.......... there was an "open house" here yesterday so I had made up my mind that on Saturday I would clean and sparkle it - spread a little fairy dust and hope.............

Only problem (not a major one - but still a problem) was that Saturday I felt like crap.  I had been so damn tired all week.  I kept putting it down to the relief from the "benign" diagnosis on Tuesday - and 5 months of stress.  But by Friday night I realized that the stuffy nose I had had for 3 weeks was still around.  (It is amazing how the body doesn't acknowledge a small thing like a head cold when one is facing a cancer diagnosis) I toyed with the idea - even mentioned to W that maybe on Sunday - if I was still snuffy - I would go to the clinic during the open house and get it checked.

Cleaning on Saturday however became a lesson in patience.  Clean a bit and lie down.  Pack a box to move to Kingston and lie down.  Spruce up a bathroom and lie down.  Do a load of laundry and lie down. (get the picture??)

During one of my lie down periods - the front door bell rang.  I opened it to find a little chinese woman standing there.  On the sidewalk was her (apparent) husband pushing a stroller with a 2 year old and a tween standing with him.  The woman looked a wee bit surprised to see me. (at the time I thought wrong house - the one oriental family in the area lives 3 doors down from me) 

But I was wrong - after some bowing and scraping and explaining that they had been walking around and noticed my chinese garden plagues on the back wall - they assumed a chinese family lived here.  And in her best English she explained they had seen my house for sale on the net.  They had also seen the "open house" sign perched in the front snow bank.  Was this the house for sale??  Then after much jabbering with husband on the sidewalk - she asked if they might see the house TODAY!  

I was hesitant because I felt like shit - the house looked like shit - and isn't my agent supposed to do this shit??? BUT I let them in and they wandered around looking - loved the back yard - loved that I heated with gas - loved that the 3 bedrooms were upstairs...... talking to them was certainly a lesson in "pigeon english".  (Afterwards I thought they might have been more fluent in French - being immigrants) They were missing some vocabulary to buy a house - like they wanted to know if I would give them a "discount"??!!  I said "negotiate" and they insisted on "discount".  (le sigh) 

I finally convinced them they should return on Sunday and talk to my agent - and so with much bowing and scraping they left me.


Sunday morning I woke feeling much better - snuffy nose wise.  I dropped W an email saying as much and He wrote back saying "GO TO THE CLINIC".  Being a good subbie - I followed his orders. (of course it did help that by 11:00 the snuffles were back).  I had it all planned out - I would go to the clinic over the lunch hour when surely there wouldn't be too many sickies and be out of there in a flash.  Then I would call eldest daughter and see if we could have coffee while the open house was going on here.... then I would come home give myself a manicure and wile the evening away.

Remember the post I wrote on Saturday entitled "Reality"??? Well I cross posted it to Fetlife ((I do that sometimes).  Imagine my shock and surprise when I logged on Sunday morning to see that it had kinda caught on....... I had 100+ loves and 20 some odd comments.  It felt good.  But I had miles to go before my day was mine again - so I closed down the computer and dragged my ass off to the clinic.  

It was packed.  I checked in - found a chair near the doorway and curled up with my book and prepared for a wait.  It was 12:30.  Around 2:00 triage got around to checking me...... I would live so I was sent back to my hard plastic chair with a number - 633.  They were at 608.  It was 5:30 before the doctor got around to seeing me.  (so much for coffee with eldest daughter!!) I have a sinus infection - surprise!! surprise !!!  I got a prescription for some drugs and headed off to the drug store.  Where - surprise!!  surprise!!  I got to take a seat on yet another hard plastic chair and wait my turn.  20 minutes later I left with my pills in hand.  

By the time I got home I just wanted to curl up on the sofa - all thoughts of manicures gone.  I turned on the pc and got the shock of my life......... my ramblings on Reality had hit an all time high - for me........ over 200 loves and 50 + comments.  I honestly felt overwhelmed.  I may never cross post again - how can I live up to the hype??!! 

By 9:00 I was safely tucked into bed and looking forward to a long good night's sleep........... BUT .......... something woke me at 4 and here I sit (cursing) writing and wondering how in god's name I will ever get through the day .............. 


ohhhhhhhh and as for the open house - I haven't heard from my agent yet..... I have no idea if my lil chinese family showed up again.... obviously if they did they didn't make an offer...... cause then I would have heard from my agent.  There were people through the house though - as my freshly washed white sparkling tiles by the front door are all muddied and marked.  

And that was my weekend................ 


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