Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mea Culpa

I made a mistake.  I admit it.  I should have read between the lines of Sir's blog entry more carefully than I did.  I should have paid attention.

And for all my commenters who told me (bluntly and otherwise) to TALK to Sir rather than blog about it....... I did.  Actually I did that the day I wrote the blog entry.

Just for the record - I am human - I do make mistakes - AND I do acknowledge them and apologize for them when made.


  1. When I read both posts yesterday I knew you'd get it sorted. And you have. :)

    Had I read words from my Master that echoed W's I'd have likely felt the same as you did. Especially if I was in that awfully stressful place of giving up my own stuff to blend with his. This is a hard process, you're entitled to a few moments of insanity.

    I'm glad it's all worked out. :)

  2. thank you kaya - for seeing past the words to the feelings :) it means a lot to me

    thank you

  3. Anonymous12:37 pm

    I am so glad it's working out, I figured it would.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. I know that sometimes in moments of panic, valid or manufactured by my imagination, getting the panicky feelings out onto my blog gives me just the distance I need to re-examine the cause.

  4. Ordalie12:43 pm

    Kaya is a good psychologist. It was obvious you were not yourself when you wrote that post but we understand the stress you are having: a change of life, a change of town and a change of house.
    It's a bit much when you add them.
    I do apologize for my bluntness, I just felt you needed a "short sharp shock" as in Margaret Thatcher's years.
    Sorry again.

  5. My dear morningstar, we know you're human.
    We love that you're human and NOT afraid to show that you are and what you're feeling.
    I guess I just wanted to make sure you knew/know that you're loved and that sometimes you have to be rather direct with the ones you love.
    Don't apologize for your being human or for your feelings.
    Sometimes I need to remember to NOT be so direct as to further hurt another's feelings ....


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