Thursday, January 31, 2013

School humour???

On Tuesday morning we pulled out (as is our custom) our markers for the kids to colour.  I pride myself on being organised - so my markers are not plunked into old tin cans - I have wonderful marker holders............... 

sort of like this..............

On Tuesday afternoon the stand and markers disappeared.

Yesterday morning I decided to ask the school staff if someone had seen them (borrowed them) BUT ... I didn't want to be blunt so I wrote this quick note about the markers being 'kidnapped' and asking the 'kidnappers' to please contact me.

Yesterday at noon - there was a note in my mail box..........

It demanded 3 cups of coffee with sugar and muffins be delivered to the main office by 9:00 this morning.  Someone (or more than one someone) had taken a whole lot of time to print out the ransom note so that it looked pretty much like the picture.  I couldn't stop laughing.  I showed my staff who shared my laughter.

I wrote an answer back to the "kidnappers" saying I wanted pictorial proof that the markers were alive and well.  IF I got the proof I would follow their demands.

It's all very silly - I know - but in a funny way the staff involved in this joke are showing me that they are there for me............. at least that's how it feels............. and that's a very good feeling :)  


ok so I told W that story last night (on Skype) .... and he just sat there shaking his head - so maybe it's a kind of  " you should have been there" story........ 


  1. I was shaking my head as they have TOO much time on their hands..

    Also, the ransom people didn't say want brand of coffee... I could give them coffee they WOULD NEVER steal those pens again...


  2. Sometimes pulling pranks like this are just to keep your sanity! Time has no value if you're off your nut.

    Cute story :) Reminds me of my university days...

  3. I love this kind of stuff. Sometimes something silly is just what you need to pull you of a funk.


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