Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just doing some thinkin'

Last night I was reading some blogs and popped into kaya's blog where she was discussing a chicken pot pie she made. Right towards the end she mentioned that He Himself thought it was good enough to put into the menu rotation.  

That got me thinking... well remembering actually.  When I was a young working mother I used to have a menu schedule - complete with shopping list/ingredients.  When I stuck to the "rotation" life ran very smoothly... I didn't have to "think" about what to make for dinner - the decision had already been made.

That got me thinking about how - since I have been living alone - I eat whatever is on hand.. there isn't any real planning - and a lot of the time I will have a bowl of soup or a sandwich for dinner.   Pasta is another big favourite cause it is easy to throw together.  

And then I got thinking about when I move to Kingston - how I would like to be organised and have a "menu rotation" and  how I will once again enjoy making meals - cause I will have someone to make them for........... meat loaf - chicken pot pie - roasts - casseroles

And then I got thinking about how everyone used to say (way back when ) that I was a good cook - but messy......... very messy.   

I am looking forward to menu planning / shopping for all the ingredients - maybe not the cleaning up afterwards - thank god for dishwashers!!  (mumbling - and W said I didn't need a dishwasher!).


  1. Dishwashers are mandatory. -nods-

  2. Ordalie1:19 am

    I disagree. I haven't got one, I don't need one: there are only both of us in the house.


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