Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Gimme Gimme Gimme

I don't understand something ......... I really don't

For the last 5 weeks I have had my lil house up on the market.  I have had 3 offers.  I have turned down the 3 offers ....... why?? because I don't get it..... I really don't.  The last one is the BEST example.  She "really" loves this house - doesn't want any other house..... just this one.  BUT she also doesn't want to pay a fair price for it ...... and she wants more and more and more...

Let me explain. 

She comes in with a very low bid...... ok that I get - everyone tries right??? BUT .. not only does she come in very low she wants me to a) pay for the entire new roof and b) guarantee that there will be no extensions on the payment for the roof - OR - other out of pocket expenses.  Excuse me??!!!

In my world - you base your offer around the cost of the roof (which is factored into the monthly association fees) So if the roof is 7,000$ you subtract 7,000$ from your offer.  Simple as that.  in my mind.  You don't come in with an offer and then say PLUS I want you to pay me 7,000 for the roof.  WTF???!!!

I even had one offer that did the exact same thing ............ AND....... (are you ready for this one??) wanted me to throw in all my furnishings!!

Then I spent Monday sitting in a workshop / training on teaching children to take responsibility ............. ahhhhhhh excuse me??? if the parents don't get it why would the kids??? 

It just seems to me that people are saying "gimme gimme gimme" and taking ....... off the backs of hard working honest people who pay their bills and take responsibility for what they want.  

I don't get it........ I honestly don't.



  1. If they have the ability and means to buy a home it is most likely they are hard working people themselves - or they're a criminal or wealthy.

    The idea is to buy low and sell high. I can't recall one time that I've ever received an offer on something I'm sell and told them, "Oh, that's too much."

    Hell, pull the house off the market for a bit and then put it back for a higher price. Then you can play their games if you're so inclined.

    Meanwhile, maybe the market will change.

  2. I think that is a huge problem with the world today- too many people feel entitled to too much without working for it.


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