Wednesday, October 24, 2012

just my opinion

I read a line on swan's blog - over on the Heron Clan - where she said   "I come here, day by day (or week by week) and write drivel about justice and joy... Because the stats tell me that this blog is dying. Dying from lack of interest. Dying because the very reason for it to exist has vanished. Dying because I have nothing at all left to say about D/s or M/s or BDSM, or love, or family, or anything much at all."

 and anyone who tries to write day after day about M/s or D/s or babies or cooking or whatever the hell they write about have times when they feel they have nothing of importance to say - or nothing new to say - or are boring everyone to death,

hell I have been there many times.  If you notice I don't write about much of anything any more.  Just the joys and sorrows of moving .... of commuting 3 hours each way every weekend...i don't even write too much about work anymore.

But I still write - because I have words that demand to come out .... and what better place to babble on..... yeah sometimes I do wonder why I bother to write - no one much comments - my numbers are way down.... 


the words come and I come here.

I am wondering - if for the most part - blogs are going out of fashion........  many of the blogs that once were are no more - everything goes out of fashion eventually - though some things do come back ............. ebb and flow right? And - as with writing blogs - reading them might be going out of fashion too........ right??

I don't know where I was trying to go with this blog entry......... maybe I was just trying to fill a page............ BUT I do know as long as the words come spilling out of me - I will write here - and if reading blogs is going out of style - so be it.  I will probably still be writing the day the ghouls and ghosts come to take me off to my St Andrew's Cross on the other side.


  1. I don't think blogs are going out of fashion. Just look at Bonnie's ever-expanding blogroll of nearly 550 spanking blogs.

    Sure, there's Facebook, and there's Twitter, but for sharing information, blogs play an important part in the lives of many - myself included.

    I believe Bonnie had a a brunch discussion about this topic not too long ago.


  2. Anonymous2:22 pm

    I don't they are out of style , or are going out of style. Part of the lessening of the stat counts might just be the technology. I read every post you write, and every post of the Heron clan, but I do it through google reader. Which does not show up as a hit on your site. I'm not sure about the smart phone apps, because I don't have one, but it is possible that they lower the hit signature as well. Just a thought.

  3. I enjoy hearing your voice, Morningstar. Like all my friends, in Real Life or Virtual Life, I am interested in hearing what is interesting in your life. I often feel it's a bit one-sided because you don't hear my voice but I know I wouldn't have the stick-ability to write a blog. I have the stick-ability to choose to read yours though.

    My mother always wrote a journal just to "get the words out". Thank you for writing your journal where I can read it.

  4. Ordalie11:13 pm

    I go daily to your blog, as soon as I wake up in fact. Then to the Heron clan and Buffalo and other ones as well. I read and often comment. I would sorely miss them if they disappeared!


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