Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Forever Seeking Information

A while back I received an email telling me how this person had read some of my blogs and found it very interesting - BUT - she wanted me to send her other information sites about BDSM.  Life got busy (continued to be busy?) and I didn't answer her email.  

Then I got to thinking about her request.

Then I got a little bitchy (ok ok maybe a whole lot bitchy)

There is this really nifty tool on the web  called search engines.......... and trust me they work really well.  You can type anything - and I do mean ANYTHING - into them and you will find multiple sites with answers to your questions.  

Also - when it comes to BDSM - I tend to shy away from recommending any one site....... I do not know the people personally who write them.  I do not know if they have ever done anything BDSM related in real life.  Fifty Shades of Grey is a good example of someone writing fiction - and everyone getting all excited about it....... yet it holds very little truth.

I have always maintained the best education is found in real life.  There are more than enough workshops and trainings and events in most major cities to fill your calendar.  There are munches filled with "experts" glad to show you the ropes.  

I totally shy away from teaching this lifestyle to anyone - for one very simple reason.  The way W and I do things is unique.  The way you will do BDSM will be unique to you.  Who am I to teach you???? No one ......... just a little submissive at the end of a keyboard.

However having said all that ........ I do have a couple of sites if that person is still interested....... or if any of you want information on some aspect of BDSM.  I do not endorse any of these sites.  It is up to YOU and only YOU to decide if they have any value.

Click the links to go to their sites........... 

Submissive Loving

Submissive Guide

Leather and Roses

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