Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy 3 days - cause it was Canadian Thanksgiving dontcha know and I got 3 whole days in Kingston with W!!

When I got off the train W scooped up my bags and threw the bags and me in the car - we dashed home to pick up the potluck and headed off to the discussion group - only arriving 15 minutes late.  YAY us !!!  

Saturday we were up at the crack of dawn and I had to do my "homework" (measuring the kitchen and drawing floor plans) for the reno companies we were gonna be visiting with during the day.  We spent virtually all of Saturday - going from one cabinet maker to the other giving them our floor plans - looking at cabinets/counters and discussing possibilities for the kitchen.  (Have I whined enough about how there is no kitchen in this house???? 3 cabinets and about 2 feet of counter space and that's it !! lots of room just looks as though no one bothered to finish the damn thing !!)  In between times we managed to stop and buy new light fixtures for the kitchen and the master bedroom and one spot light to go outside over the house number (they don't have any light near the house number - how in god's name anyone could find the house in the dark is a mystery to me!!)

Sunday I decided that I couldn't stand the front windows any more - and dragged out the cleaning stuff and washed the two big front windows and the dining room window and now the sun shines in brightly and we can see the fall colours in the trees across the street.  I swept the floors and dusted some of the furniture.  

Sunday afternoon found me over the foot stool with ass in the air getting a whipping......... And then off to the showers cause W was taking me out for Thanksgiving dinner (cooking a turkey in our non-existent kitchen was "mission impossible" - at least for this year) 

Monday found me quiet and probably in W's mind a bit sullen.  But I was dreading leaving him - and our little home in Kingston......... but leave him I did after lunch and headed back to the mayhem that seems to be my life now here.

 It was a busy weekend but we checked off a lot of the boxes of things that must get done........ which is a good feeling!!!

On the train home I decided (executive decision - I love making executive decisions - though I am guessing those are gonna come to a sudden end once June arrives and I move permanently up to Kingston) to take this coming Friday afternoon off and head back up to Kingston.  

There has been a lot of hype about something called "Fright Night at the Fort".  There is an old Fort in Kingston - Fort Henry if anyone is really interested - and apparently every October they run Fright Nights at the Fort.  From what I can gather - you take a tour of the naturally dark fort at night - and encounter all sorts of ghosts from days gone by.  I am SO looking forward to it!!!  I hope it lives up to the hype.

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  1. Anonymous11:44 am

    You can make all kinds of Executive decisions this last year on the job! Go for it!

    Fright Night sounds scary and fun.

    Enjoy your time in Kingston with W.



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